Stop spending on outside record storage! When it comes to comparing Onsite vs. Offsite Storage cost is always an issue. As storage space begins to run low, businesses need to think creatively.

According to research, employees spend 19% of their day searching for information. In many cases, this information may come in the form of paper documents in their office. That is an enormous drain on time and productivity that could be resolved by merely improving storage and filing practices.

One space-saving and time-saving solution is a high-density storage system. These systems give greater flexibility and grow WITH your business. Stop spending on outside record storage when you can access in-house.

The implementation of a high-density storage system allows businesses to use their space more efficiently, creating additional storage space while reducing the required footprint, all without the expensive step of moving to a larger office.

ADDED BONUS: By utilizing all available space, increasing storage capacity and freeing up room for production or other uses – these systems save up to 50% of your floor space, in most cases, and accommodate growth for other uses while increasing revenue. An investment in the right mobile storage is never a sunk cost. The best mobile storage solutions will not only make your money back in a flash. They will also empower your operations, support value-added opportunities, and prevent you from spending on outside record storage.

With Vital Valt’s creative storage solutions, over time businesses will eliminate the need for offsite storage. We also supply customers with high quality color code file systems designed to reduce the time factor of retrieving & re-filing. This will also increase employee productivity and make better use of existing space.

Stop Spending on Outside Record Storage  –  Onsite vs. Offsite Storage

  • COST: Stop spending on outside record storage! Do you know your offsite storage is done with commercial record centers – one day has a death tax for your boxes. Pay each month and then once you finally have 10,000 boxes and want to leave – you owe them thousands in Death Fees: the fee to remove a box from the system.
  • LACK OF INSTANT ACCESS: Information is key. Without this instant access, customer service and productivity will suffer.
  • DISTANCE FROM THE OFFICE: Your offsite storage may not be conveniently located which will cost you time and money. Not to mention trying to find the item once you get there and who knows how long your employee is going to take coming and going. If you have HR records – you have HIPAA rules to follow in long term storage. Who is protecting those files while protecting your business?
  • COMPLIANCE ISSUES: An offsite storage center may not provide the security or storage conditions necessary to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Let us help you improve your storage space!

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