Government Storage Systems

Government Storage Systems. Government agencies whether at state, local, or federal levels all have unique storage requirements. With many solutions available on GSA Schedule, Vital Valt offers a wide variety of government storage systems and services to meet mission critical storage elements.

Government Storage Systems

High Density Shelving

Whether its your file room, warehouse or archival storage, Vital Valt has a system to meet your storage requirements.

Woven & Welded Wire Security Cages

Security can never be downplayed given the stringent requirements placed on government agencies. Secure storage within security cages allows peace of mind.

Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Vertical Carousel Systems & Vertical Lift Modules are incredibly popular for high density, high capacity vertical storage applications both securing your materials and allowing for limited (controlled) access.

Combat Weapon Storage Systems

High Density fully modular weapon storage for active, archival, evidence and other weapon storage applications.

Mail Room Equipment

Fully modular casework or free-standing mail room furniture, we have a solution for you.

Rotary Files

Another secure storage system for files, parts & binders.

Modular Buildings

Need a secure portable building? We offer those too.

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