File Move Services

Vital Valt offers File Move services to move file folders and paper from one location to another. Vital Valt has moved millions of files from facility to facility and will work with you to analyze your current filing system and recommend a strategy for moving and setting up files in your new facility.

Moving your files can also include an interfile service, merging two filing systems into one complete system. Vital Valt will work with you to help ease the transition of moving your valuable files.

Using Vital Valt to relocate your files and filing equipment gives you a single source for all your needs.

Storage System Moves & Relocations

Vital Valt offers relocation services to businesses looking to move their existing filing system as well as servicing and upgrading existing systems. Filing Systems shown on this Web site and filing systems sold from competitive systems can be taken down, moved and put back together in your new office space.

  • Advanced Manufacturing – Mobile Shelving Systems
  • Bruynzeel – Storage Systems
  • Burroughs – Storage Systems, Aisle-Saver®
  • Datum Storage Solutions®– MobileTrak® systems
  • Direct Line – Space Pro, L & T Shelving, Classic Stak
  • Elecompack – Movable Shelving Systems
  • Equipto – Mobile Aisle Systems
  • Hamilton Casework Solutions – Mail Room, and Modular Caseworks
  • Hanel Storage Systems – Rotomat, Lean Lifts, Industrial Rotomats
  • Holga – Roll-X High Density Shelving Systems
  • Kardex – Lektrievers & Mobile Shelving Systems
  • Kwik-File – Mail Room Furniture Systems
  • MegaStar Systems – MediaStation, MegaStation, Vertical Lift Module, Horizontal Carousel
  • Mobile-Media – Mobile Systems
  • Montel – Mobile Shelving Systems
  • NordPlan – Mobile Systems
  • PIPP – Mobile Shelving Systems
  • Richards Wilcox – Aurora Shelving, Times Two Rotary Files, Mobile Filing
  • Spacesaver®– Mobile Shelving Systems
  • Supreme Systems – High Density Mobile Shelving Systems
  • Tab Products – Express-Trac, Power-Trac Mobile Shelving Systems
  • Tennsco – Estey and L & T Shelving Systems, Kompact
  • White Storage and Retrieval Systems – Power File, Horizontal Carousel, Vertical Lift Module
  • White Systems – White Aisle Saver ® Systems, Record Master Shelving, WilsonStak Shelving

and many more…










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