Healthcare Storage Systems

Hospitals in California know the drill, seismic renovations or new construction to meet seismic codes require a sturdy safe and secure solution for Healthcare Filing & Storage Systems.

High Density Mobile Shelving Systems with seismic anti-tip tracks allow hospitals to meet those strict requirements. While the paperless medical record has yet to come to full fruition everywhere, storage of medical records, radiology, pharmaceuticals and medical supply can be accomplished in a cost-effective way with minimum impact on valuable medical floor space.

Healthcare Filing & Storage Systems

Medical Record File Storage Systems

File storage systems for medical records include high density mobile filing systems for large quantities of files. Vertical carousels such as the Rotomat Office Carousel provide a secure, speedy storage system.

Radiology Storage Systems

Hard copy storage of x-rays, MRIs, mammography and the like requires a system capable of holding large volumes of weight. Where the floor can handle the load, a high density mobile shelving system fits the bill as these dense films have a tendency to overload other systems not capable of handling the weight.

Pharmacy Shelving Systems

Pharmacy Shelving Systems typically handle small bottles of pills, however, with the influx of new pills constantly coming to market, pharmacies find themselves searching for ways to maximize space for storing the vast supply of medicine available. Security is also a concern. Vital Valt designs safe secure systems that can save space and reduce retrieval times.

Medical Supply Storage Systems

Medical Supplies are purchased in bulk from buying groups to eliminate supply shortage possibilities. With a surplus in supplies, medical facilities need an increased space requirement for storage. High density shelving and vertical carousels utilize the floor space and or the vertical height of a facility, leaving valuable floor space open for other requirements. and now you can connect them with your software for total control of your inventories.

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