High Density Compact Mobile Shelving Storage Systems

High Density Compact Mobile Shelving Storage Systems are a Vital Valt specialty. We have designed, sold and implemented thousands of high density mobile carriage systems storing everything from file folders, archive boxes, specimens, weapons in armories, parts storage and more.

High Density Compact Mobile Shelving Storage Systems can literally be configured to store almost anything.

High Density Mobile Storage Systems concept is to create collapsible aisles with carriages that roll from side to side in your space, minimizing the amount of aisle space required with traditional fixed storage shelving.

There are 3 ways to operate mobile shelving systems and create access aisles, manually with a fixed handle, with a mechanical assistance 3 spoke ergonomic handle or electrically with the push of a button.

With a turn of a handle (mechanical assistance), a push of a button (electric) or a gentle push (manual), a high density mobile aisle movable storage system will greatly increase your storage density & reduce the footprint of your storage.

Typical Applications

Below are some typical applications of High Density Compact Mobile Shelving including our installation pictures from customer job sites.

Shared Central File Room High Density Shelving with multiple system locks

Mechanical Assist Mobile Shelving Systems

Pharmaceutical Shelving System

UltraStor Mobile Shelving

Lateral Mobile Shelving Bi-File Storage

Lateral Track Mobile Shelving

High Density Electric Mobile Shelving