Seismic Storage Anchoring

Vital Valt has a winning reputation for seismic and structural design installations in California for high density storage systems & automated storage and retrieval systems. Vital Valt is a licensed State of California contractor, 701914.

California Code of Regulations require a permit for:

      Non-fixed and movable fixtures, cases, racks, counters and partitions over 5 feet 9 inches in height

We specialize in making sure our installations meet all seismic code requirements by engaging a certified structural engineer to determine the size and types of anchors needed. Reinforcing high density shelving systems with anti-tip mechanisms and seismic anchoring will ensure the systems compliance.

Contact us now for a Seismic Analysis of your space.

Seismic Track

Add support and structure to any installation with a Seismic Track. This track can be recessed in concrete installations or mounted on-top of the floor to meet your design requirements.

Seismic Anchors

Approved anchors for cracked concrete + seismic requirements
Top: Hilti: KBTZ Carbon Steel
Bottom: Hilti: KH-EZ Carbon Steel

Seismic FootPlate

The Seismic FootPlate is engineered to resist forces experienced at the base of a column such as seismic forces. The footplate will support & secure (anchor) the installation to the floor adding safety to the area

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