Material Handling Storage Systems are designed to improve productivity and decrease the amount of physical floor space require.

Utilizing the vertical space in facilities with Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, one could use both vertical carousels and vertical lift modules for secure and efficient parts storage.

Material Handling Storage Systems

Vertical Carousels, Vertical Lift Modules & Horizontal Carousels can be interfaced to 3rd party software systems or operated with our own WMS software solution.

Industrial Storage Solutions

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Our industrial storage solutions offer your warehouses the best storage with a vast number of possible customizable and reconfigure solutions, all adapted to your specific needs. Organize your inventory in an orderly fashion with our high-density solutions. We offer an in-house design team to help ensure that your industrial storage system will meet or exceed local seismic requirements, building codes & fire department compliance. Our services include: distribution system design, seismic analysis, permit administration and in-house installation. Some of our Industrial Storage Solutions include: Powered High Density Storage System SAFERAK® is a powered mobile racking pallet system that enables you...
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Climate Controlled Storage

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Keeping an entire inventory at a consistent temperature is an energy & resource-intensive endeavor. Businesses that can successfully manage & overcome these obstacles avoid financial freezer burn. Your goods or products may need a very specific onsite storage solution due to their size, shape or temperature requirements. If it’s a requirement of your business or industry that your goods or products are kept in a cool or climate controlled environment, our high-density mobile storage solutions are right for you. Adjustable, extendable & fully customizable, these systems can accommodate a wide range of uses, from walk-in freezer rooms to cold storage...
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Utility & Storage Carts

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Our selection of Utility & Storage Carts provide enhanced functionality, effective mobility, elegance, and sturdiness, to an array of environments, whether medical, educational, commercial or industrial. In an innovative leap forward from standard cart solutions, not only does it transport tools, parts and other items, it also functions as a small portable workstation. Many configurations are possible, ranging from minimalist to fully equipped. You can also install a wide range of accessories to keep whatever you need close by and conveniently organized. All models can be fitted with a PVC mat, while carts with drawers feature a lock-in mechanism to...
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Fabric Storage

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Fabric rolls, textiles, rugs and upholsteries are large, heavy and difficult to store. Our textile and fabric storage system will maximize your floor space and make it easy to quickly access and retrieve materials. Increase your storage capacity with our storage systems in a smaller footprint than traditional fabric racks. Our storage system will preventing accidents and injuries from transporting heavy rolls and improve workplace safety. Our fabric storage system allowed this fabric supplier to move half of his inventory into the same room that was already full. That savings allowed the supplier to get back a showroom that was...
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Shelving Storage Systems

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We believe that the only good solution is a flexible solution. Shelving Storage Systems should not be one-dimensional & our range of shelving solutions give you more space-maximizing options & the ability to make adjustments to accommodate different kinds of items. All of them are designed to boost your capacity, while maintaining innovative design features. From small offices to large warehouses, our versatile, practical shelving systems will make more productive use of your valuable space. Shelving Storage System Applications SmartShelf® The hybrid four-post shelving system permits both full-depth & back-to-back shelving at once. This is great for efficiently storing both...
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Safety Applications for Security Cages

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Security is an important issue at any business where expensive equipment is used, or where products are stored. Warehouse cages, fences, and partitions allow you to install secure areas quickly and easily. They offer versatile solutions that help save money and improve the safety of your workers. Unlike permanent walls, cages, fences, and partitions can be temporary. You can add more secure space or move it to another location as your business grows. Easily add onto your existing wire cages. Wire mesh security cages consist of multiple partitions to form a complete enclosure. They come in a range of standard...
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Remote Monitoring Software

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Created to provide additional certainty and safety monitoring once our high-density powered mobile storage systems are installed, we now offer ePulse™. This remote monitoring & configuration software has the functionality of providing the capability to manage settings remotely and monitor your high-density powered mobile system’s performance and operations with assurance. If remote network connectivity access is granted, certified technicians could monitor and configure your system remotely from their own location. For maximum reliability and peace of mind, ePulse™ proactively identifies any potential issues with your system, provides quick diagnostics of the system to maximize your uptime, sends automatic email notifications...
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Work Stations in the office and industrial spaces require a specialized configuration to meet your unique storage requirements. Vital Valt offers a plethora of workbenches that will increase productivity and optimize workflow. Work Stations are available as static or mobile with caster bases depending on your requirement. Whether you need basic workbenches or ESD kitting workstations with adjustable work surfaces, we can help you with your requirements. Available with numerous accessories and locking options, as well as several work surface dimensions for each of the surfaces offered: painted steel stainless steel laminated wood wood composite laminated and dissipative plastic They...
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Small Parts Storage

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Count on Vital Valt for all of your small parts storage solutions. Choose from a complete line of compartmentalized cabinets, organizers and drawers to keep all of your small components organized. Our storage systems are customizable with countless drawer and shelving configurations with add-on accessories including ways to partition and label areas for easier item accessibility. KEY BENEFITS Special storage systems equipped with bins are a good choice to ensure space-saving storage and fast retrieval of small parts. An automated small parts storage speeds up access and retrieval operations, and the fully automated pick process boosts efficiency Overall performance is...
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2020 Storage Trends

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As we progress into 2020, these are the trends dominating the storage industry. Dynamic Flexibility incorporates an entirely new generation of movable, multi-functional, lightweight, and ergonomic elements designed to fit any space and purpose. Gone are the days when heavy, bulky furniture and technology dictated what could and could not be achieved in a space. It allows for complete transformations of environments from meeting room to podcast studio, to production area, to a quiet, semi-private space in the blink of an eye. From movable walls and lightweight mobile furniture, to adjustable lighting and technology, these spaces allow employees to transform...
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