Storage Solutions

GSA Fiscal Year End

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It's that time of year again! GSA Fiscal Year End Vital Valt is a GSA Certified Contractor, supplying GSA Storage Systems from various manufacturers. What does this mean? Schedules, also known as Federal Supply Schedules, and Multiple Award Schedules (MAS), are long-term government wide contracts with commercial companies that provide access to millions of commercial products and services at fair and reasonable prices to the government. Schedules make buying easy and efficient with the use of modern technology to connect government buyers and industry. State + local government agencies can purchase off of our GSA Contract. Schedule policy and procedures...
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Manual Shelving Systems

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Our Manual Shelving Systems are high-density movable shelving systems that leverages your available space to make your storage as efficient as possible. They are an excellent alternative when space limitations prevent you from using one of our larger mobile systems. Operated manually, these systems bring practical, efficient and cost-effective storage solutions to various light-duty applications. Unlike other mobile systems -  just slide the system laterally to reach what you need. This allows you to make full use of your storage space without wasting a square inch. For high-density storage of relatively small and light items in tight quarters, such as...
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Safe Storage Systems

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Our safe storage systems provide innovative storage and filing solutions for modern workspace environments. Easily access and mobilize your items with its unique mechanism enabling you to effortlessly move the system. These safe storage systems are designed with built-in safety features to not only offer enhanced standards in safety - but also reliability, user-friendliness and productivity. Safety and security can never be underestimated when investing in new mobile shelving storage equipment. Overburdened shelves create a major risk for employees should they collapse under the weight of an out-of-control inventory. We are proud to offer the safest mobile storage systems in...
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Residential Lockers

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Residential Lockers provide sturdy, secure storage for apartment, condominium and business tenants. Their galvanized finish and heavy duty construction ensure years of maintenance-free performance. Apartment and condo storage lockers can be configured to fit in basements, garages and common area rooms of a cooperative. A modular design makes these lockers easy to plan, install and relocate. Our residential lockers are available in single, double and triple-tier configurations, and can also be combined to fit your needs. Composed of heavy-gauge welded wire mesh, our lockers are extremely sturdy & secure. Single-tier, walk-in style lockers are perfect for storing residents’ out-of-season belongings,...
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Refrigerated Lockers

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Refrigerated Lockers are the perfect solution for temperature-controlled storage of food, beverages and other perishable goods. Ensure your storage is not exposed to fluctuating temperatures & items are preserved properly with our climate controlled storage lockers. Various internal compartment configurations are offered to maximize the use of space. Forced air circulation maintains even temperature throughout & electric condensate removal eliminates drain lines. Security features protect against loss and help maintain consistent temperature at all times. Each locker is equipped with its own cooling unit, thus it can be dynamically controlled in order to have an independent internal temperature. Our refrigerated...
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Shared Use Lockers

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Our Shared Use Lockers are perfect for the office, locker rooms, schools, event venues or any space where secure storage is needed. Also known as Day-Use Lockers / Event Lockers / Employee Lockers / Assigned Use Lockers, this storage solution can be customized to fit your space. We offer a wide selection of heights, widths and depths depending on your space and size requirements. Doors can be customized with any color of powder-coated steel or high-pressure laminate finishes. Locks are available in mechanical, electronic keypad or RFID versions designed for access via user cards. Electronic versions can be custom programmed...
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Package Lockers

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In modern workspaces, package lockers and locker storage systems play a variety of roles. Creating a safe place for employee belongings is a high priority, followed closely by the need to contribute to smart office design. With 84 percent of Americans shopping online, the storage of packages is becoming a problem. Shipments obstruct front desk areas, mailrooms and leasing offices. Off-hour delivery times, searching and tracking packages,  all continue to cause issues. As online shopping is expected to increase by 25 percent over the next year, these challenges will only get worse. Our Package Lockers are a modular & expandable...
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Laptop & Charging Lockers

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Keep devices charged, secured and managed with our Laptop & Charging Lockers. Secure Laptop Lockers store and charge laptops, PDAs, cell phones and tablets securely. With power available to charge multimedia devices and a roll-out work-shelf, these fully welded lockers offer the perfect solution for secure laptop storage. Laptop & Charging Lockers are the ideal solution for charging multiple laptops in one convenient cabinet. Our lockers feature perforated doors which allow heat to dissipate, providing a safe environment. RFID tagging options are available to customize your storage needs. Safeguard and manage all electronic mobile assets with our RFID Asset Tracking...
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Secure Evidence Lockers

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Ensure & maintain chain of custody by trusting our customizable and secure Evidence Lockers. Each unit can be configured differently with various size compartments & are also available with a refrigerator insert. Our secure evidence lockers store digital evidence, forensic evidence, biologic evidence & other evidentiary items. The evidence storage area is the physical embodiment of chain of custody functionality. We provide storage solutions that will best outfit, organize & secure your evidence, making sure to capitalize on your available space. ON-SITE SECURE EVIDENCE LOCKERS We offer secure evidence lockers in a variety of options and configurations, including pass-through evidence...
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School Lockers

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Our School Lockers are extremely versatile & customizable. Vital Valt has fixed and movable shelving products equipped to handle multi-sport applications. Tailor and adjust our versatile systems to store a full line-up of equipment and materials, for all kinds of facilities. There are many options to consider when purchasing school lockers: ease of access, extra ventilation, door options, locking compartment, additional lock options and more. We have a wide variety of locker systems including single-tier lockers, multi-tier units, space-saving lockers, laminate lockers, steel lockers, smart lockers and more. Lockers are available as stand-alone units, with individual lockers or banks of...
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