Business Office and Store Systems. Every business has the challenge to balance floor space for personnel, storage requirements of both the office space and warehouse space. Retrieval can be enhanced with the proper storage system design.

Vital Valt specializes in the design and implementation of Business Office & Storage Systems to improve your work.

Business Office & Storage Systems

File Storage Systems

File storage systems for offices can include high density mobile filing systems for low activity records. Highly active records require a more productive storage system such as a Rotomat Office Carousel providing end users with a fast and ergonomic storage and retrieval.

Individual Storage Systems

Individual storage systems for employees consist of file cabinets and rotary files for personal file storage needs.

Warehouse Systems

Material handling systems for the warehouse include static shelving with hopper front totes for parts picking & stocking, automated storage & retrieval systemsmodular drawer cabinets & pallet rack with or without security doors.

File Folders

Vital Valt is a VAR for Smead Manufacturing and S & W Manufacturing offering many different styles and configurations for file folders and filing supplies. Let us create your file system.

Label Creation Software

Using technology eliminates the step of applying numerous color code “Sticky” labels to the end tab of your file folders. Virtual Labels allows you to print labels on-demand when a new record enters your database creating a single strip label and a single step label application.

File Tracking & Imaging

Staying with the technology theme, tracking paper or inventories can be a nightmare. Vital Valt offers Virtual Doxx Software to alleviate the lost file problem within offices. Our software department will configure Virtual Doxx to meet your needs for today (paper) and tomorrow (imaging) including the ability to track almost anything using RFID. You need to see this stuff.

Guard Rail Systems

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Guard Rail Systems provide a physical and visual barrier in the workplace. It is used to guard a variety of areas throughout your building. The goal of any facility is to be safe and avoid accidents. By adding guard rails to designated areas - you will be equipped with the safety standards and insurance should an accident occur. As a company your building, employees, equipment and physical inventory represent the majority of your assets. An economical way to protect all three is to place protective guard rail systems in traffic areas. In a warehouse forklift damage is the most common...
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Storage Carousels

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Storage Carousels offer you a versatile filing system that adapts flexibly to your needs. The advantage for you: All the usual filing methods can be combined in one Carousel. Storage Carousels make use of the available room height, so its compact design creates up to 60% more filing capacity. By achieving this - expensive office space is used more efficiently. The Rotomat® Storage Carousel by Hanel brings the required files to the retrieval point at the touch of a button in just a few seconds. This means no distances to walk or ladders to climb when looking for files or returning...
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End of Year Project Planning

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Start end of year project planning now! It is the perfect opportunity to organize and create more distance in your space. Plan ahead and let Vital Valt assist you with new innovative ideas to upgrade your existing system or start a new one. Our free site survey begins the space planning process. Space planning is the bread and butter of our business. We break out our tape measures (we actually use laser measuring systems), and measure your floor space including all obstructions, capture your existing filing or storage capacity and then work together to put together a design on a...
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Storage Utility Carts

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Our selection of Storage Utility Carts provide enhanced functionality, effective mobility, elegance, and sturdiness, to an array of environments, whether medical, educational, studios (think editing bays) commercial or industrial. In an innovative leap forward from standard cart solutions, not only does it transport tools, parts and other items, it also functions as a small portable workstation. Many configurations are possible, ranging from minimalist to fully equipped. You can also install a wide range of accessories to keep whatever you need close by and conveniently organized. All models can be fitted with a PVC mat, while carts with drawers feature a...
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Professional Services – Space Planning

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Professional Services - Space Planning Our free survey begins the space planning process. If you like creative ideas you will love Vital Valt. Space Planning is the bread and butter of our business. We break out our tape measures (we use laser measuring systems for accuracy) and measure your floor space including all obstructions, capture your existing filing or storage capacity and then work together to put together a design on a storage system to meet your requirements going forward. High Density Storage Space Planning includes reviewing your office or warehouse space for high density storage systems including mobile shelving, vertical carousels, vertical...
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Professional Services – File Conversions

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You have a million file folders in your file room, but how do you find what you need? In traditional file cabinets the tabs are located on the top and it’s normal to have three tabs across. Of course when one tab covers another - reading tabs becomes impossible. Side-tab file systems like the one pictured above offer color blocks across the shelf. Spotting misfiles becomes as easy as finding files that break the specific color block. These filing systems can be designed for names (A-Z), numerical storage (e.g.account numbers), subject files, terminal digit filing and bar-coding. SAVE TIME! In...
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Professional Services – Equipment Maintenance

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Vital Valt offers Professional Services – Equipment Maintenance and service calls for filing, modular casework and storage systems. While some of the systems we implement require little to no service, there are systems with a cost of ownership requiring maintenance schedules. Contact us to review your system to see how we can help keep it functional. We provide certified technicians to ensure that your equipment is working properly. Vital Valt offers factory certified Storage Equipment Service technicians to service, maintenance and relocate vertical carousels, vertical lift modules and horizontal carousels as well as high density mobile storage systems. Professional services can include basic...
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Electronic Device Lockers

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Keep devices charged, secured and managed with our Electronic Device Lockers. Secure Electronic Device Lockers store and charge laptops, PDAs, cell phones and tablets securely. With power available to charge multimedia devices and a roll-out work-shelf, these fully welded lockers offer the perfect solution for secure laptop storage. Vital Valt Device Charging Lockers are the ideal solution for charging multiple laptops in one convenient cabinet. Our lockers feature perforated doors which allow heat to dissipate, providing a safe environment. RFID tagging options are available to customize your storage needs. Safeguard and manage all electronic mobile assets with our RFID Asset...
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Storage System Relocation Services

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Our Storage System Relocation Services offer: moving all filing and storage systems from offices and facilities and reinstalling in new location. We offer moving services to businesses looking to move their existing filing system as well as servicing and upgrading existing systems. Regardless of original equipment manufacturer and/or seller, we dismantle, move and re-install all Filing and Storage Systems. Vital Valt has moved millions of files from facility to facility and will work with you to analyze your current filing system and recommend a strategy for moving and setting up files in your new facility. We provide relocation services with...
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Maximize ROI on Mobile Storage Systems

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Maximize ROI on Mobile Storage Systems by utilizing all available space, increasing storage capacity and free up room for production or other uses. These systems save up to 50% of your floor space, in most cases, and accommodate growth for other uses while increasing revenue. An investment in the right mobile storage is never a sunk cost. The best mobile storage solutions will not only make your money back in a flash. They will also empower your operations, support value-added opportunities, and prevent you from wasting money elsewhere. High Density Mobile Storage Systems concept is to create collapsible aisles with...
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