Architect Storage Systems

Museum Storage Systems. Museums have the tough task of preserving priceless artifacts against the elements and preparing for mother nature’s seismic activity at the same time.

Vital Valt provides expert design experience for museums with shelving, custom museum cabinets, extra-wide drawers and art panels, textile storage artifacts, and long span shelving systems. Systems can be configured as free-standing systems or mounted onto mobile storage system carriages to compact space.

Museum Storage Systems

Secure Artifact Storage Cages

Museum Cabinets

  • Herbarium Storage
  • Paleontology Storage
  • Geological Storage
  • Entomology Storage
  • Zoology Storage
  • Vertebrate Storage
  • Wet Storage
  • Artifact Storage
  • Art Storage

Sliding Art Racks


  • Shelving of various heights, widths and depths to accommodate storage

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