From the professional Basketball & Baseball teams to College Sports and local high schools, Vital Valt has designed storage solutions for athletic equipment storage. Athletic Equipment Storage ranges from pads and helmets to game tapes and player files. Vital Valt has high density storage solutions to meet your storage requirement for your athletic department.
Vital Valt storage system specialists will work with you to a design a system that meets your storage requirements.

Athletic Equipment Storage

  • Football Pads & Helmets
  • Baseball bats, Uniforms and Equipment
  • Game Tape Libraries
  • Hockey Sticks, Helmets & Pads
  • Basketballs, Jerseys, Shoes, & Socks
  • Golf Clubs
  • Medical Supplies
  • Player Files
  • Wardrobe Storage & Airflow Lockers
  • Security Gear Cages