Lockers Storage Systems have a wide variety of features and functionality as you can see by the many locker pages listed below.

Whether you need secure individual storage, athletic lockers, gear lockers, welded or woven wire lockers or TA-50 lockers, Vital Valt has a solution for you.

Lockers are available as stand-alone units, with individual lockers or banks of lockers to create runs along walls and also back to back inside of larger locker rooms. Options that enhance lockers include locker legs to elevate lockers from the ground floor and closure plates to close off the base of the lockers.

Sloped locker tops will help to keep lockers clean above and prevent unseen dust and debris.

Lockers Storage Systems Features

  • Key, Combo or Pad-Locks
  • Available as full height lockers or multi-tier
  • Locker Dimensions, H x W x D are variable
  • Locker Door Styles, solid, perforated or plexi-glass available
  • Available with or without legs
  • Louvers for ventilation
  • Available fully assembled or unassembled
  • Interior Locker Accessories, shelves hooks, bins, compartments

Types of Lockers Available

  • Smart Locker Systems
  • Single Tier Lockers
  • Double Tier Lockers
  • Multi Tier Lockers
  • TA-50 Lockers
  • Wall Mounted Lockers
  • Duplex Lockers
Parcel Lockers, Package Lockers

Smart Locker Systems

Double Tier Locker

Single & Double Tier Lockers

Box Lockers

Multi Tier Lockers

TA50 Gear Locker

TA-50 Gear Lockers

wall mounted lockers

Wall Mounted Locker

Duplex Storage Lockers

Duplex Lockers