File Labels Software

File Labels Labeling software saves time and reduces cost for labeling file folders. With labeling software, you can print file folder labels quickly and easily in one single strip.

  • Easy, fast file labeling done right every time
  • Everything you need is on one perfect label
  • Saves time and money and reduces errors
  • Colors always match and line up evenly
  • No more ordering boxes and boxes of labels
  • No need to handwrite file indetifiers
  • Duplicate your current filing system or design a new way of labeling your files, including color coding, text and bar codes
  • Include special designations and alerts
  • Type data or import spreadsheets and files
  • Use via the Web or install on a Server or PCs
  • Use any inkjet, gel or laser color printer
  • Use thermal labels with any thermal printer
  • 2D & 3D barcodes
  • RFID embedded labels
  • OPAC labels to cover up existing labels
  • Shipping labels

Advanced Labeling Features

  • Auto-poll/auto-import for automated printing
  • Import or type data and view in spreadsheet rows
  • Verify and edit text prior to printing
  • Delete row function to eliminate duplicates
  • Print multiple, different labels on one sheet
  • Print electronic forms and laser labels
  • Continuously updated with current Java versions

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