Secure Storage Solutions in the workplace comes in multiple forms with physical storage security, digital security and facility security. Vital Valt excels at implementing the types of security storage solutions as well as adding security to your existing storage system. Secure Storage Solutions may include a simple lock on your filing system, the construction of a security cage to secure your space or software to protect digital records from unauthorized eyes.


Each maximum security closure is reinforced with aluminum-tube rods that provide protection against break-ins without restricting air flow or visibility. It’s the logical choice for storefronts, display windows, airports, stadiums, and more.

For maximum security and total protection, Security Shutters offer an attractive alternative to doors. With its nearly hermetic closure, it’s idea counters, concession stands, airports, and merch warehousing areas.

MobilFlex Guarantee
  • Most advanced Rolling closures
  • Tough, maintenance-free aluminum construction
  • Easy to use
  • The largest selection of models
  • Balanced so precisely, MobilFlex doors can be manually operated
Modular Guard Buildings and Booths

Modular Guard Buildings and Booths

Conex Box Repurposing

Conex Box Repurposing

Times Two Rotary File Storage Systems, RW Times Two, Times-2 Speed Files

Secure Rotary Files

High Density Shelving Secure File System

Secure File Shelving

Hanel Rotomat Filing System Storage

Secure Vertical Carousels

High Density Shelving Secure File System

Secure High Density Mobile Shelving

Secure File Shelving with locking doors

Secure Medical Records Storage

Secure Laptop Cabinets

Secure Laptop Cabinets

Wire Security Cages, Woven Wire Cage Storage Lockers

Wire Cages

Modular SCIF Buildings

Modular SCIF Buildings

Pallet Rack Security Doors, Pallet Rack Doors

Pallet Rack Doors

Readiness Lockers, Military Readiness Lockers

Readiness Lockers

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