Shelving Storage Systems offer a wide variety of storage whether you are storing file folders, archive boxes, bin boxes for parts, modular drawers, tool & dies, and many other applications. Below you will find different shelving storage systems Vital Valt offers to help meet all storage applications.

Stationary storage shelving systems can easily be reconfigured and installed on top of mobile carriages for compact shelving storage requirements.

For true fixed or stationary shelving storage systems, shelving is comprised of starter and adder units that are configured using standard widths, depths and heights. Your room dimensions and storage requirements will dictate how much shelving is needed to fulfill your needs.

Shelving Storage System Applications

  • SmartShelf® Hybrid 4-Post Shelving System:  permits both full-depth & back-to-back shelving at once
  • L & T Shelving: add sections to an existing installation by using “T” uprights as common center posts & finish with “L” uprights
  • Wide Span Shelving: includes four standard components with many other options available, shelving uprights, shelving beams, shelf supports & shelves
  • Modular Drawer Shelving: integrating Modular Drawer Systems with other shelving the combination allows for drawers in a comfort zone and shelves above or below
  • Wire Shelving: are available in stationary and mobile, freestanding or wall mount, dry and wet environments, heavy duty back-of-house and visually appealing front end displays
  • Archive Box Shelving:  stores critical records in both off site and on site storage locations for access to historical records
  • Industrial Clip Shelving:  is the best choice for storing heavy, bulky items in factories or warehouses
  • Aetnastak® Cantilever Shelving System: designed to adhere to your future storage requirements
  • Cabinet Style Shelving: has the flexibility to mount onto mobile carriages, opening up further storage possibilities
  • Hybria 4-Post Shelving: combines the aesthetic of our Aetnastak® shelving with the practical efficiency of SmartShelf® shelving, capable of handling a broad array of storage objects
  • Hybria Curve Shelving: expands the concept of library shelving mobility by supporting dynamic, multi-functional library spaces that easily transition as new needs arise
  • Spider Shelving: designed for demanding use, our modular storage system will maximize the space in your warehouse, parts department, maintenance workshop, distribution center, etc.
  • HI-BAY Shelving System: redefines space and cost efficiency to use on-site space for more valuable & profitable functions


L & T Shelving

Wide Span Shelving

Modular Drawer Shelving

Wire Shelving

Archive Box Shelving

Industrial Clip Shelving




HI-BAY Shelving

Our experienced Sales Team and CAD Design department can create a custom layout targeting your specific needs with a comprehensive quote for the shelving system to suit your business.  Please fill out our feedback form for more information.

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