Mobile Art Rack System
Modular Pull-Out Art Racks
Modular Art Screen Storage - Pull-Out Art Screens

Art Racks & Screens

Customize the design of your art storage to suit your unique requirements with compact and quality certified effective high density systems that will save you space, time and money.

Our art gallery storage systems have been designed as mobile or static high density solutions for storing & displaying artwork. From a variety of art screens & racks to cabinets with easily adjustable shelves, our solutions are an efficient way of storing & protecting artwork. With a flexible solution allowing for modular configuration, you will be equipped with top-quality innovative & intelligent systems for your ever-changing collections.

Types of Items

  • Fine Art
  • Framed Artwork
  • Sculptures
  • Photographs
  • Furniture
  • Canvas & Frames
  • Fine Art
  • Artifacts
  • Prints
  • Archives

Key Benefits

  • The sliding screens and panels are carefully designed for gentle back-and-forth movements with minimal vibration
  • Multiple panels can be opened at the same time, so you are not limited to one panel at a time
  • Provides secure & protective storage for a variety of items
  • Save valuable floorspace by utilizing every cubic foot available
  • Double-sided art racks which protect art from damage & doubles storage capacity
  • Securely store large, medium & small items with a modular system that can easily adjust & expand
  • Protect and preserve with ergonomic access & maximum accessibility
ModulArt Rack & Screen System
Art Screen System mounted to the floor
Art Rack System Suspended from Ceiling


Efficiently store your long or oversized paintings and art works, even in tight spaces, with our freestanding systems. Each of the compact units are freestanding, mobile  and allow you to add scalable elements as your needs grow in your museum or art gallery space.


For larger art gallery and museum spaces, and when relocation is not considered, install our floor-mounted pull-out screens & floor-mounted pull-out art racks to make a more efficient and dynamic use of your space.


Looking to optimize your storage space and prefer not to make any changes to existing floors? Then opt for our ceiling-suspended pull-out screens and ceiling-suspended pull-out art racks, which requires no ground rail.

Let Vital Valt assist you with other creative storage solutions!

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