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Modular Casework for Schools

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We have decades of experience delivering modular casework for schools, labs, classroom cabinets, lockers and mailrooms to schools and universities. We have extensive experience helping to design and create custom and complex laboratory solutions. Our experience has shown that labs are critical not only to the educational process, but also to the recruitment and retention of staff. The campus today is a very different place than even a few months ago. We provide Smart Lockers & RFID Networked Lockers that open up a whole new world for personal storage on a campus. Open all doors at once through software, provide...
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Modular Work Stations

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Modular Work Stations make efficient use of space in a way that allows for collaboration and an open layout that maximizes the flow of ideas and creativity. The contemporary style will impress your clientele and improve the overall look of your office. Modular Work Stations is specifically designed to expand as your company grows. These stations are comprised of components such as desks, filing stations, and partitions that can be assembled in a variety of orientations to fit in almost any available space or purpose. They can be used as Reception Stations, Nurses Stations, Group Stations and more. Most modern...
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Sort Modules

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Sort Modules are essential for optimal workflow. Shelves, drawers, trays, doors and dividers are interchangeable that quickly adapt to fluctuating volumes and processing priorities, ensuring efficiency of critical document storage. Our modular caseworks include a complete line of sort and freestanding sort modules with open and closed back sorters including plexiglass-backed. We offer zip code sorters, consoles, overhead units and credenzas. Mail Room Sort Modules are unsurpassed for their durability, ease of use and easy-to-read full-width labeling. They are used in conjunction with console tables, which are manufactured to match the width of the sort modules to be placed on...
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Locker Systems

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Vital Valt Locker Systems have a wide variety of features and functionality. Storage Lockers improve security, save time and reduce clutter. They can be used in many different applications: secure belongings for immediate access short-term or long-term storage house electronics personal items weapons uniforms perishable goods and many more... Heavy-duty construction ensures long term use while adding additional options that meet each clients needs. For example in larger locker rooms we suggest adding a few ADA lockers. Legs can lift lockers off the finish floor. These same legs can be closed or open. A sloped top can keep users from...
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Modular Consoles

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Ever have a need for something you can’t find?  With Modular Consoles - we can custom design anything you can dream up... Or we can dream it for you! If you need help we are here to do just that, help you.  Heres how it works: The Modular Console is the utilitarian work horse of the office. Each self-contained unit offers high-density storage without taking up too much space. Shelves come in four different sizes and are fully adjustable in 1′(in). increments. Freestanding consoles are perfect for specific storage issues, small spaces and growing companies. Reconfigure - add - subtract...
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Modular Casework – Cabinet Systems

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Our Modular Casework - Cabinet Systems are comprised of  base cabinets, wall cabinets, corner cabinets and storage units. The casework is designed like furniture with the ability to be customized, modified, relocated and reused while maintaining the look of built-in millwork cabinets. Unlike traditional millwork casework and built-ins, you can reconfigure modular casework if you need to relocate or rearrange, making it an excellent option for businesses concerned with their environmental footprint. Our Cabinet Systems gives you the flexibility to create a customizable setup that meets your specific needs. It keeps inventory out of sight while ensuring essential items are...
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Modular Casework Systems

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Modular Casework Solutions are versatile millwork cabinetry systems with shelves, doors, drawers and bins that can be reconfigured at any time. Our vast selection of products, dimensions, doors, handles, slides, locks and finishes make it easy to create a system that meets the functional and aesthetic needs of your workspace. The modular components have the appearance of built-in furnishings but unlike traditional millwork, these components can be reconfigured and repurposed as needs change. Modular Casework can be arranged to leave no wasted space. Some combinations allow multiple configurations in a smaller area. Floor plans can be adjusted as needed, and...
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2021 Rising Steel Prices

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Steel is one of the most widely used engineering and construction materials, mainly because it is versatile, durable, and affordable. Steel pricing has risen exponentially since early December and is now at a 12-year high. There are a few factors contributing to the spike in pricing. The upward slope of steel prices is as much about the tight supplies as it is about the growing demand as the economy rebounds from the pandemic shutdowns. The economic slowdown paused construction projects, steel production, and steel consumption alike.  Other contributing factors of the 2021 Rising Steel Prices include higher overhead expenses because...
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Bulk Storage Shelving

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At Vital Valt we understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for storage shelving. Different spaces will require different shelving options depending on inventory. Our Bulk Storage Shelving is designed for storage of heavy commercial &/or industrial loads. Bulk Shelving / Bulk Racks offers a reliable solution for gaining control of your inventory. They come in a variety of sizes and can handle several weight capacities. Available in parts, such as individual storage shelves, frames, particle board and reinforcement channels - or as complete units (assembly required). Most applications use particle board but we also offer corrugated steel and flat...
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Hi-Bay Shelving

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Get the most out of every inch of your space. Stable, durable and flexible, our high-density HI-BAY shelving system can be designed to reach up to 35 feet (10.7 m) in height and will improve your workflow as well as your productivity. We know how your high-density storage solution needs to address your operation priorities: optimized space, maximized storage, improved security and lower energy costs. That’s why we came up with our HI-BAY shelving system. Its design redefines space and cost efficiency to use on-site space for more valuable and profitable functions. Mounted on powered mobile carriages, our HI-BAY mobile shelving...
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