Library Storage & Shelving Systems.

Vital Valt offers full scale library design with real wood furniture and shelving and steel library shelving systems. This shelving is fully customizable to meet your storage needs.

Cantilever Shelving is the most common form of library shelving. 4 Post Shelving is also available. This shelving can be designed for Space Pro High Density Compact Mobile Shelving Systems to save space and money.

Cantilever Shelving is most commonly used in libraries for book storage. Cantilever shelving is designed around two posts. In double sided units, the post is in the middle and shelves hang outward to each side. In single face units the posts are at the rear with the shelves hanging off the post to the front. There are no front posts in this type of shelving. Reverse cantilever shelving is a bit different as the post is in the front and the shelves hang to the middle on double face units and to the rear in single face units.

Vital Valt works with law, commercial and government libraries designing space saving library shelving systems.

Modular Casework – Education

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We have decades of experience delivering labs, classroom cabinets, lockers and mailrooms to schools and universities. Utilizing the most contemporary materials available on the market, we can produce a research and learning environment that is tailored to your needs. Should your needs change in the future, either purchase new pieces or swap with another classroom to change the configuration. We can even match your interiors with your schools colors! Apply our Casework Solutions in spaces such as: Laboratories Locker Rooms Mail Centers Common Areas Reception Stations Work Rooms/Copy Rooms Meeting Areas Education facilities can be very expensive to operate and...
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Parcel Lockers

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Parcel Lockers With 84 percent of Americans shopping online, the storage of packages is becoming a problem. Shipments obstruct front desk areas, mailrooms and leasing offices. Off-hour delivery times, searching and tracking packages,  all continue to cause issues. As online shopping is expected to increase by 25 percent over the next year, these challenges will only get worse. Our Parcel Lockers are a modular & expandable solution to many of these issues. They can be located indoor or outdoor, in office buildings, residential buildings, schools, retail locations and just about anywhere. These lockers are available in all shapes and sizes...
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Art Storage

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Customize the design of your art storage to suit your unique requirements with compact and quality certified effective high density systems that will save you space, time and money. Our art gallery storage systems have been designed as mobile or static high density solutions for storing & displaying artwork. From a variety of art screens & racks to cabinets with easily adjustable shelves, our solutions are an efficient way of storing & protecting artwork. With a flexible solution allowing for modular configuration, you will be equipped with top-quality innovative & intelligent systems for your ever-changing collections. TYPES OF ITEMS Framed...
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Quadral – Modular Lateral Storage System

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Big is not necessarily best. With this compact, high-density lateral mobile shelving solution, you no longer have to worry about how to do more with less - Quadral Modular Lateral Storage System takes care of that for you. The Quadral Modular Lateral Storage System is a compact, high-density movable shelving system that leverages your available space to make your storage as efficient as possible. It’s an excellent alternative when space limitations prevent you from using one of our larger mobile systems. Unlike other mobile systems, you do not have to open up an aisle to access your stored material -...
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SafeAisle® – Powered Mobile Storage System

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With high-density powered mobile storage systems, getting the most out of your space is a key consideration - but guaranteeing safety is also a must. Get the utmost in storage security while boosting your storage capacity and productivity with our commercial grade SafeAisle® Powered Mobile Storage System. Featuring its innovative and patented aisle-detection Aisle LED Guard Technology™, SafeAisle® guarantees protection of both users and objects. Designed to provide innovative storage and filing solutions for modern workspace environments, SafeAisle® adds a new dimension to safety by detecting the entire floor surface of an aisle with its complete aisle-detection Aisle LED Guard...
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MobileX®- Mechanical Assist Mobile Storage System

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Mobile Storage Systems condense your storage footprint by eliminating aisles. Users can retrieve items from any shelf by simply turning the ergonomic hand cranks. No matter how heavy the inventory you stock on a shelving unit, it only takes a single pound of pressure to operate the hand crank. Montel’s MOBILEX® mechanical-assist mobile storage systems offer your organization the flexibility to customize your high-density storage systems to keep up with your unique needs. Easily access and mobilize your items with its unique mechanism enabling you to effortlessly move multiple carriages at once. MOBILEX® systems are dedicated to the highest standards...
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Multi-Media Storage Systems

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Multi-Media Storage Systems provide the ability to store multiple types of media in easily accessible, organized archives. VitalValt has designed several of the largest Movie Studios & Post Production Vaults in Southern California. We have designed many custom storage solutions and media centers because we understand the special attention your media requires. Let VitalValt take the guesswork out of your media storage solutions. Incorporate a high-density storage system that will increase capacity by over 50% Take low cost off-site warehouse space while keeping square footage cost down Utilize high-to-low accessibility storage methods to double capacity for less money Use your...
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