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Storage Cages

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Security is an important issue at any business where expensive equipment is used, or where products are stored. Storage Cages, doors, fences and partitions allow you to install secure areas quickly and easily. They offer versatile solutions that help save money and improve the safety of your workers. Wire mesh storage cages consist of multiple partitions to form a complete enclosure. They come in a range of standard sizes and heights, or they can be customized to fit your unique needs. A top to your cage provides additional security and can be added to existing partitions without changing the layout....
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Stainless Steel Storage

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Stainless steel storage is a staple feature for most workspaces. Most laboratories, sterile manufacturing facilities, cold rooms and cleanrooms choose stainless steel cabinets because they minimize the spread of particles and are durable and resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel equipment serves three major purposes: making work easier, safer, and more efficient. A cleanroom is a controlled environment where pollutants like dust, airborne microbes and aerosol particles are filtered out in order to provide the cleanest area possible. These facilities can be classified into different levels of contamination depending on the amount of particles allowed in the space, per cubic meter....
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Warehouse Storage Solutions

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Our warehouse storage solutions offer your facilities the best storage with a vast number of possible customizable and reconfigurable solutions. All adapted to your specific needs -  organize your inventory in an orderly fashion with our high-density solutions, shelving solutions and more. From our simple solutions to our specialty offerings, we truly have a warehouse storage solution for every square foot. If your needs include storing material in a high seismic area - you have come to the right place - we have a product for all of that and more. We offer an in-house design team to help ensure...
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GSA Pricing

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It's that time of year again! Vital Valt is a GSA Certified Contractor, supplying GSA Storage Systems from various manufacturers. What does this mean? Schedules, also known as Federal Supply Schedules, and Multiple Award Schedules (MAS), are long-term government wide contracts with commercial companies that provide access to millions of commercial products and services at fair and reasonable prices to the government. Schedules make buying easy and efficient with the use of modern technology to connect government buyers and industry. State + local government agencies can purchase off of our GSA Contract. Schedule policy and procedures are guided by two...
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ROI on Mobile Storage Systems

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ROI on Mobile Storage Systems Our mobile storage systems maximize the use of available space, whether to increase storage capacity, free up room for production or other uses, or get rid of space you do not need to pay for. These systems save up to 50% of your floor space in most cases, and accommodate growth for other uses while increasing revenue. High Density Mobile Storage Systems concept is to create collapsible aisles with carriages that roll from side to side in your space, minimizing the amount of aisle space required with traditional fixed storage shelving. There are 3 ways...
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School Shelving

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Looking for school shelving? Whether you need a classroom cabinets, bookcases or library shelving, we have options in all sizes and materials. We offer many shelving configurations - such as mobile shelving, cantilevered shelving, single and double-faced shelving and more. Our wide range of outstanding storage systems, both mobile or static, have many advantages over conventional shelving. With our compact multi-purpose shelving and racking systems, you can achieve the following goals: •    Reduce administrative costs through more efficient use of space. •    Consolidate staff, equipment and records, as well as improve organization, control and security. •    Reduce maintenance costs. Optimize...
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Space Dividers

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With health and safety challenges in todays workplace, it is important to provide the necessary safeguards to protect employees and visitors. Our space dividers helps to create safe spaces for all types of environments. This mobile guard is ideal for separating workstations without obstructing the view between employees. Get clear protection for your office, school, healthcare and industrial spaces. The clear, plastic panel helps to create spaces that are protected yet still maintain visibility. The mobile space divider provides see-through protection for guests, employees, students and more. These are ideal for use between workers on assembly lines, students in class,...
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Back to School

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Vital Valt provides safe and secure solutions that can help education facilities open safely and responsibly. We create strategies to de-densify existing spaces, rethink underutilized space and incorporate solutions to support the new guidelines in education. As educational spaces and structures begin to get back to school, here are some possible strategies to consider: Locker Storage Systems Space Planning to observe distancing guidelines Modular Casework for reconfigurable room design Built-in storage for sanitation and hand sanitizing Space Dividers, Desk Dividers, Sneeze Guards - etc. Space Dividers Our clear, plastic space dividers (desk dividers, sneeze guards, privacy screens) help to create...
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Utility Carts

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Our selection of Utility Carts provide enhanced functionality, effective mobility, elegance, and sturdiness, to an array of environments, whether medical, educational, studios (think editing bays) commercial or industrial. In an innovative leap forward from standard cart solutions, not only does it transport tools, parts and other items, it also functions as a small portable workstation. Many configurations are possible, ranging from minimalist to fully equipped. You can also install a wide range of accessories to keep whatever you need close by and conveniently organized. All models can be fitted with a PVC mat, while carts with drawers feature a lock-in...
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Charging Lockers

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Keep devices charged, secured and managed with our Charging Lockers. Secure Charging Lockers store and charge laptops, PDAs, cell phones and tablets securely. With power available to charge multimedia devices and a roll-out work-shelf, these fully welded lockers offer the perfect solution for secure laptop storage. We specialize in providing safe power management in charging lockers and mobile charging carts that allow charging and data transfer for laptops, tablets and other such devices. Our Charging Lockers are the ideal solution for charging multiple laptops in one convenient cabinet. Our cabinets feature perforated doors which allow heat to dissipate, providing a...
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