Assisting Architects in designing space to best utilize space to meet the client’s storage requirements.

Vital Valt specializes in implementing modular storage systems for end users having designed and installed thousands of projects across Northern, Central & Southern California locally.  Combining various solutions will help minimize the number of vendors required to supply product for your project.

We work hand in hand with both Architects and Design Firms as well as General Contractor’s, planning various projects to maximize space savings from start to finish.

Both Architects and Design Firms can initiate projects with Vital Valt by filling out our feedback form.

We work both in the commercial and federal, state & local FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) market as a core supplier of the systems shown on our Web site.

Vital Valt operates under California Contractor’s License # 701914.

Architect Storage Systems

Locker Solutions

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Vital Valt's Locker Solutions have a wide variety of features and functionality. They can be used in many different applications: mail / packages digital devices - laptops, phones, etc. athletic items house electronics personal items weapons uniforms perishable goods and many more... Our locker solutions are designed to accommodate all of the expected features - shelves, hooks, door slots, ventilation, multiple battery and powered-lock options, custom sizes, and more. Laminates and other finishes can be matched to your design - or - configure the lockers in different heights and sizes to create a unique focal piece. Lock options are what...
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Apartment Lockers

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Apartment Lockers provide sturdy, secure storage for apartment, condominium and business tenants. Their galvanized finish and heavy-duty construction ensure years of maintenance-free performance. Apartment and condo storage lockers can be configured to fit in basements, garages and common area rooms of a cooperative. A modular design makes these lockers easy to plan, install and relocate. Our residential lockers are available in single, double and triple-tier configurations, and can also be combined to fit your needs. Composed of heavy-gauge welded wire mesh, our lockers are extremely sturdy & secure. Single-tier, walk-in style lockers are perfect for storing residents’ out-of-season belongings, or office...
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Delivery Lockers

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In modern workspaces, delivery lockers and locker storage systems play a variety of roles. Creating a safe place for employee belongings is a high priority, followed closely by the need to contribute to smart office design. With 84 percent of Americans shopping online, the storage of packages is becoming a problem. Shipments obstruct front desk areas, mailrooms and leasing offices. Off-hour delivery times, searching and tracking packages,  all continue to cause issues. As online shopping is expected to increase by 25 percent over the next year, these challenges will only get worse. Our Delivery Lockers are a modular & expandable...
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Project Planning

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Project Planning is our specialty! It is the perfect opportunity to organize and create more distance in your space. Plan ahead and let Vital Valt assist you with new innovative ideas to upgrade your existing system or start a new one. Our free site survey begins the space planning process. Space planning is the bread and butter of our business. We break out our tape measures (we actually use laser measuring systems), and measure your floor space including all obstructions, capture your existing storage capacity and then work together to put together a design on a storage system solution to...
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Cold Storage Systems

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We supply our Cold Storage Systems to a wide range of businesses and industries throughout the world who wish to benefit from keeping their stock protected and at the right temperature. Our mobile  racks and shelving, cabinets, carts and other mobile solutions are specifically developed for your environment to quickly increase your income while respecting the demanding standards of your market. Adjustable, extendable and fully customizable, they can accommodate a range of uses, from walk-in freezer rooms to cold storage facilities and other temperature-controlled environments. Climate Controlled Storage Systems for industrial cold storage environments takes into consideration every aspect that...
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Space Planning Services

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Space Planning Services Our free survey begins the space planning process. If you like creative ideas you will love Vital Valt. Space Planning is the bread and butter of our business. We break out our tape measures (we use laser measuring systems for accuracy) and measure your floor space including all obstructions, capture your existing filing or storage capacity and then work together to put together a design on a storage system to meet your requirements going forward. High Density Storage Space Planning includes reviewing your office or warehouse space for high density storage systems including mobile shelving, vertical carousels, vertical lift modules...
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Move and Relocate Service

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Vital Valt offers Move and Relocate Service to businesses looking to move their existing filing system as well as servicing and upgrading existing systems. Filing and Storage Systems shown on this website and systems sold from competitive systems can be taken down, moved and put back together in your new office space. File moves entail moving your physical documents from one location to another. Our service provides taking your disordered collection of files and standardize the way those files are organized. During the file move, our staff will not only arrange but audit the files in order to ensure that...
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Professional Installation Services

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Our professional installation services are highly specialized and with that we offer well over 100 years worth of experience and are a licensed contractor (#701914) in the State of California. Professional Services are the backbone of any good business. Vital Valt takes great pride in providing top quality service to customers ranging from the planning, installation, maintenance or relocation of a storage system. With Seismic Zone 4 requirements for assembly, Vital Valt’s factory certified high density storage system installation service teams utilize seismic anti-tip track on all compact shelving systems. Movable shelving systems are anchored to the floor with approved...
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Equipment Maintenance Service

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Vital Valt offers Equipment Maintenance Service for filing, modular casework and storage systems. While some of the systems we implement require little to no service, there are systems with a cost of ownership requiring maintenance schedules. Contact us to review your system to see how we can help keep it functional. We provide certified technicians to ensure that your equipment is working properly. Vital Valt offers factory certified Storage Equipment Service technicians to service, maintain and relocate vertical carousels, vertical lift modules and horizontal carousels as well as high density mobile storage systems. Professional services can include basic service and maintenance...
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Understanding Different Types of Shelving

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Understanding Different Types of Shelving is crucial for maximizing space and increasing efficiency and productivity. From small offices to large warehouses, our versatile, practical types of shelving & racking solutions will make more productive use of your valuable space. We believe that the only good shelving and racking solution is a flexible solution. Shelving Storage Systems should not be one-dimensional & our range of shelving solutions give you more space-maximizing options & the ability to make adjustments to accommodate different kinds of items. All of our types of shelving solutions are designed to boost your capacity, while maintaining innovative design features. There are numerous...
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