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Manual Shelving Systems

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Our Manual Shelving Systems are high-density movable shelving systems that leverages your available space to make your storage as efficient as possible. They are an excellent alternative when space limitations prevent you from using one of our larger mobile systems. Operated manually, these systems bring practical, efficient and cost-effective storage solutions to various light-duty applications. Unlike other mobile systems -  just slide the system laterally to reach what you need. This allows you to make full use of your storage space without wasting a square inch. For high-density storage of relatively small and light items in tight quarters, such as...
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Mobile Cannabis Systems

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Get a faster return on your investment and allow flexible growing strategies with our high-density mobile cannabis systems. These compact systems will provide you with maximum space utility, effortless operation, all controlled and safe to use. Our complete indoor grow systems can be integrated with new or existing lighting, ventilation, and other equipment. Every vertical growing system is customized to your needs, and is designed to optimize airflow, light and space for healthy plants. Optimize your mobile system with automated aisles and automated ventilation mode. Program your system to track traffic in your aisles, and program your aisles to open...
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