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Plan Ahead – End of Year Projects

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Start end of year projects now! It is the perfect opportunity to organize and create more distance in your space. Plan ahead and let Vital Valt assist you with new innovative ideas to upgrade your existing system or start a new one. Our free survey begins the space planning process. Space planning is the bread and butter of our business. We break out our tape measures (we actually use laser measuring systems), and measure your floor space including all obstructions, capture your existing filing or storage capacity and then work together to put together a design on a storage system...
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Industrial Storage Solutions

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Our industrial storage solutions offer your warehouses the best storage with a vast number of possible customizable and reconfigure solutions, all adapted to your specific needs. Organize your inventory in an orderly fashion with our high-density solutions. We offer an in-house design team to help ensure that your industrial storage system will meet or exceed local seismic requirements, building codes & fire department compliance. Our services include: distribution system design, seismic analysis, permit administration and in-house installation. Some of our Industrial Storage Solutions include: Powered High Density Storage System SAFERAK® is a powered mobile racking pallet system that enables you...
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Relocation Services

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Vital Valt offers relocation services to businesses looking to move their existing filing system as well as servicing and upgrading existing systems. Filing and Storage Systems shown on this website and systems sold from competitive systems can be taken down, moved and put back together in your new office space. Vital Valt has moved millions of files from facility to facility and will work with you to analyze your current filing system and recommend a strategy for moving and setting up files in your new facility. Moving your files can also include an interfile service, merging two filing systems into...
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