Mailroom Furniture Storage Systems allows efficient mail flow through the mail room. Mail Sorters and Literature Racks keep mail and paperwork neatly organized in adjustable mail slots. Risers allow for maximum use of your console table space. Mail Room Tables can be used as sorting stations and mail distribution centers. Mail Room Carts allow the mail to be delivered throughout the office.

Whether pre-configured or custom designed, Mail Room Equipment keeps your mail moving through the office in a neat, effective, and organized way.

Mailroom Furniture Storage Systems Types

  • Mail Center Stations
  • Copy Centers
  • Satellite Mail Stations
  • Sort Modules
  • Mailroom Casework
  • Custom Mail Room Storage Systems
  • Freestanding Sort Modules
  • Aluminum Mail Room Consoles
  • Laminate Mail Room Consoles
  • Mail Carts
School Mail Room Sorter and Base Cabinets, Aluminum Framed Console Table with mail room sorter and base cabinets

Aluminum Framed Consoles

Free Standing Sort Modules, Mail Center Station Furniture

Freestanding Modules

Modular Casework wall mounted

Custom Mailroom Furniture

Document Processing Modular Casework for Office or mailroom

Document Processing Casework

Mail Sort Module System, Mail Center Station Furniture

Sort Modules

Hamilton Sorter Mailroom System with Mail Room Sort Module

Satellite Mail Stations

Copy Center Mail Room Furniture

Copy Centers

U Shaped Mail Center Stations Furniture

Mail Center Stations

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