Our Manual Assist Shelving Systems are high-density movable shelving systems that leverage your available space to make your storage as efficient as possible. They are an excellent alternative when space limitations prevent you from using one of our larger mobile systems. Operated manually, these systems bring practical, efficient, and cost-effective storage solutions to various light-duty applications.

Unlike other mobile systems –  just slide the system laterally to reach what you need. This allows you to fully use your storage space without wasting a square inch. For high-density storage of relatively small and light items in tight quarters, such as files, boxes, medications, and parts, it’s vastly superior to conventional filing and storage systems.

With our Manual Assist Shelving System, we designed a straightforward system to maximize storage space for smart solutions to your everyday challenges. Designed to accommodate our shelving systems (SmartShelf, Hybria, Wide Span, and Cabinet-Style – etc.), the carriages allow easy assembly of other brands of shelving available on the market. If you’re looking for a simple and efficient high-density mobile storage system, you’ve found the ideal product.


  • A 50% gain in storage capacity
  • Prevent costs due to the need to buy, build or rent additional space for storage
  • Optimize space utilization and increase storage capacity both vertically and horizontally
  • Expandable modular floor units allowing to add units when needed
  • Light, handle-free carriage base support
  • Easy to move, relocate and reconfigure
  • Improved control, organization, productivity and workflow

Mobile Panel Storage Systems

Our Mobile Storage Panels effectively leverage your available storage square footage by using vertical double-sided panels mounted on a rolling carriage. The system is therefore perfectly equipped to handle all art works, any hanging item – or other items for which suspended storage is preferable, such as tools, firearms, plants, etc.

The system is simple to install and move, with no impact or risk to your infrastructure. Moreover, the Mobile Storage Panel sliding racks are mounted on tracks which are engineered to provide a smooth, gentle motion. Combined with their vibration-dampening design, this means you can be confident your valuable objects will not be bumped and shaken whenever you want to access them.

Lateral Manual Storage Systems

A key advantage of Lateral Modular Storage Systems is the modular carpeted flooring that supports it. This means there is no need to install intrusive rails on your floor. The pre-assembled flooring both simplifies use of the mobile system and protects your existing office flooring. The system is geared for offices with large volumes of files, documents and supplies to store. As Lateral Manual Storage Systems are relatively light, it is a suitable choice for environments with moderate load-bearing floors. At the same time, it still gives you plenty of capacity; compared to a typical filing system, you’ll recover 50% or more of your storage area.

The Manual Assist Mobile Shelving is expandable in four different directions. Plus, you can reconfigure it to suit a multitude of purposes and it can be upgraded and expanded – add a second mobile row in front or modular sections on each side as your filing and storage needs grow.

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