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Companies are evaluating and planning to redesign the inside of their headquarters around a new vision for what office work looks like with Modern Modular Casework. The pandemic has changed how we work and has proven work can be done differently. It is unknown exactly what return to work will look like, that said, vaccine or not, safeguarding employees’ well-being will be the utmost priority because no plan to resume normal operations can succeed without the employee.

Collaborative work and innovation is a priority of ‘infection control’ and a peace-of-mind is driving these ideas from experts for how the floor plan needs to change – mainly focusing on desking and seating configurations. The following are some ideas on creating the Modern Workplace:

  • Spaces will evolve to accommodate the task at hand from creating ‘neighborhoods’ or spaces for collaboration, open spaces for phone calls, quiet spaces for planning before leaving the office to work offsite
  • With hybrid working, not everyone needs an assigned desk space every day. Reserving your desk, your locker, your parking stall, and more from your phone app will become mainstream
  • Strict, clean desk policy to allow for easy cleaning and single-day use

Our Modern Modular Casework solutions give you the foundation you need to create the ideal spaces and places for employees. When you have the right building blocks, custom isn’t complex – it’s curated to match your space.

Benefits of Modular Casework 

  • Ease of design: Standard sizes using BIM and Revit models making designing quick and easy.
  • Quick turnaround and installation.
  • Precision manufactured to industry standard cabinet sizes. Cabinets are designed and constructed with built-in adjustability and changeability of components for flexibility ease of replacement should damage occur.
  • Eco-friendly: Casework is reusable and designed with recycled content where applicable.
  • Sustainable: Movable casework is LEED and Greenguard Children & Schools certified.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Casework cabinets are available in a wide range of heights, widths, and depths
  • Table and workstation heights are easily adjustable to accommodate sitting or standing heights
  • Casework shelves are adjustable on one inch increments.
  • Cost-effective: Since movable casework is reusable, it continues to pay for itself each time you reconfigure or move your cabinets.
  • Standard custom designs: Movable casework uses a wide range of standard components, accessories, and finishes that allow you to customize the design of your project to your exact needs.

The Agile Pantry is an extension of your office. A place that fosters collaboration and community. By creating a space that is dedicated to inviting conversation, the panty can be the social hub of the office. By having a dedicated pantry space designed with modular casework, modular walls, recycle points, and work islands disruption to the surrounding workplace will be minimal.

Hygiene Lockers are composed of touchless lockers with a central sink or sanitation station for hand-washing and disinfecting. We have to reconsider the amount of touches, the clean-ability, the technology and the ability to integrate smart lockers into the overall experience and systems that are needed to create, safe, clean and secure environments in this coming “new normal.”

Modular Walls are non-permanent walls that can not only divide the open office space, but also be designed to be multifunctional. Walls can be strategically placed to help the flow of traffic or create neighborhoods within the space. Modular Walls can be personalized to your unique functional and space needs.

The Modern Mudroom is a place where employees enter their workplace and they have a place to safely and securely store their belongings. In modern workspaces, locker storage needs to play a variety of roles. Creating a safe place for employee belongings is a high priority, followed closely by the need to contribute to smart office design.

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