It’s not just a locker… It’s part of the strategy to help people feel safe, their belongings secure and their well-being cared for with clean touchless laminate hygiene lockers.

As employees return to the workplace & students to school, they want to know that they are cared for and that their surroundings are safe and clean. Let your employees know that you hear them with Hygiene Lockers.

Hygiene Lockers are composed of touchless lockers with a central sink or sanitation station for hand-washing and disinfecting. We have to reconsider the amount of touches, the clean-ability, the technology and the ability to integrate smart lockers into the overall experience and systems that are needed to create, safe, clean and secure environments in this coming “new normal.”

Hygiene Lockers are a gentle nudge that communicates to the workplace the importance of consistent hand-washing as we return to the office. Choose a contrasting color or design for the finish to make the hand washing stations pop. Make your Hygiene Lockers safe & provide a practically touchless experience by utilizing your current RFID employee badges, mobile credentials on the phone or wearable, or a mobile app. There are no locks mounted to the doors making it easy to clean.

Lockers can be used to divide space in the office or built in the wall. They further promote employee safety by being an easy, frictionless way to visually remind employees to wash their hands frequently.

Our solutions are highly flexible and adaptable – giving you practically endless amounts of configurations. Each model has a variety of parameters which allow you to easily manipulate and customize various aspects of the casework design. Personal storage can also look fantastic while adding function & safety.

Is it time to upgrade your space with this great looking product?

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Let’s talk about the Locker Storage Solution that works for you!

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