Keeping an entire inventory at a consistent temperature is an energy & resource-intensive endeavor. Businesses that can successfully manage & overcome these obstacles avoid financial freezer burn. The pandemic has introduced a new storage challenge for the receiving distributors of the upcoming vaccine. Cold Storage. The vaccine “cold chain” must maintain product quality from the time of manufacture until the point of administration. If the cold chain is not properly maintained, vaccine potency may be lost, resulting in a useless vaccine supply.

Don’t wait to get the racks and shelving needed. Let us help you space plan your rooms and provide product to maximize your space. 

Your goods or products may need a very specific onsite storage solution due to their size, shape or temperature requirements. If it’s a requirement of your business or industry that your goods or products are kept in a cool or climate controlled environment, our high-density mobile storage solutions are right for you. Adjustable, extendable & fully customizable, these systems can accommodate a wide range of uses, from walk-in freezer rooms to cold storage facilities and other temperature-controlled environments.

There’s always room to grow, even in the smallest storage facilities. Climate Controlled Storage Systems for industrial cold storage environments takes into consideration every aspect that goes into effective temperature controlled settings.

By adding Mobile Racking or shelving to a cooler or freezer you can store much more inventory in the same square footage. This reduces the need to build a larger cooler of freezer which can be expensive. In addition, a more dense mobile storage system reduces the utility costs for cooling the space as there is less space to cool.

Cold Storage Shelving & Racks

  • ISO Compliant Cleanroom:  ISO 14644-4 specifies the requirements for the design and construction of the clean room facilities
  • Modular construction lets you configure a cleanroom-compatible solution for any requirement
  • Variety of shelf designs accommodate many part sizes and types
  • Product designs feature smooth surfaces that are easy to wipe down
  • Rust-resistant
  • Corrosion resistant shelves and posts offer a 15-year warranty against rust and corrosion
  • Polymer mats are easily removable and cleanable in sinks or commercial washers
  • Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection is built into the shelf mats, frames and posts to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus that cause odors and product degradation
  • Microban product protection keeps the product “cleaner between cleanings.” NSF Listed for all environments.

Cold Storage Cabinets

  • ISO Compliant Cleanroom:  ISO 14644-4 specifies the requirements for the design and construction of the clean room facilities
  • Versatile storage cabinets let you customize rack & shelf combos to best suit your organizational needs; made of stainless or powder-coated steel
  • Adjustable-shelf locking cabinets are available for secure storage solutions
  • Stainless steel wire cage cabinets are available to optimize vertical laminar flow
  • Economical storage solution laboratories, cleanrooms and stockroom applications

Our experienced Sales Team and CAD Design department can create a custom layout with a comprehensive quote for the storage solution to suit your specific needs.

Call or email us today for a free survey on how you can save time, space, and become more efficient with your file storage.
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