Modular Casework for Storage is comprised of  base cabinets, wall cabinets, corner cabinets and storage units. The casework is designed like furniture with the ability to be customized, modified, relocated, and reused while maintaining the look of built-in millwork cabinets.

We offer offers hundreds of height, width and depth variations, door options, many different shelving types and sorters of all sizes. Choose from the many standard choices in hardware and finishes or customize to match your space. Cabinet bodies, doors and kickplates may be made of any combination of laminate, powder-coated steel and stainless steel. Standard materials for our work-surfaces include HPL laminate, phenolic resin, stainless steel, marmoleum and solid surfacing. We provide a wide selection of locks, hinges and handles. In addition to our standard offerings, we have significant experience working with specialty finishes, hardware and surfaces.

Base cabinets are one of the fundamental units of modular casework. Our base cabinets can have doors, shelves, drawers, vertical slots, wheels and sorters. Our standard line offers hundreds of height, width and depth variations. These pieces are the best value for the client. However, we can also manufacture cabinets precisely to any specification required by your project’s needs. Wall cabinets may be safely secured to base cabinets, islands or consoles. We also have a rail and bracket procedure for securing them to the wall. These brackets allow us to level wall hung cabinets while meeting the need for seismic conditions. For a true built-in look, we add filler pieces such as corner cabinets for use with base and wall cabinets.

Create a system that meets all of your storage requirements using:

  • Wall Cabinets

  • Base Cabinets

  • Corner Cabinets

  • Consoles

  • Islands

  • Adjustable Shelving

Let’s talk about the Modular Casework Solution that works for you!

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