Mailroom Design from Vital Valt allows you as an architect, designer, general contractor, or customer to know you are working with Strategic Storage Specialists as we have designed, sold and installed mail room systems large and small around the world, focused primarily in the Southern California geographic territory with installations in Central & Northern California as well.

Mailroom Design Systems are available as stand-alone furniture featuring console tables with or without sort modules and also as wall mountable modular casework systems. Mailroom Sort Modules are available to support multiple media size requirements from letter size paper to oversize packages.

We invite you to call upon us or schedule a free consultation or needs analysis for your client. We will work with you to scope out the needs for the project and even have the ability to plan your 3D room environment on the spot. Utilizing Hamilton Casework Solutions products, our design expertise can save valuable time in the specification and installation process over traditional “built-in” millwork. Additionally, our use of flexible construction materials allows Hamilton Casework Solutions to provide our clients with custom solutions that would be difficult to specify and overly expensive with plastic and steel shelving systems. Add all this up and you can see how Hamilton Casework Solutions is your “one stop shop” for all you mail center and document processing furniture needs.

Mailroom Design Components

Aluminum framed consoles are designed to support sort modules, platforms and mailing machines.

Aluminum Framed Consoles are the base of mail room stations but can be used as stand-alone tables without a sorter above.

We offer a complete and comprehensive line of standard products and can also modify standard pieces or build custom. We possess every capability to deliver the perfect fit for your project.

Choose from a variety of Freestanding Modules to create your perfect storage system.

Custom Mailroom Furniture can be as simple as a mail room console table with a mail room sorter on top or a fully configured system built to your space as some of our product pictures highlight.

Document Processing Casework combines the aesthetic of built-in millwork without the extended lead times and designer liability common with custom millwork applications.

Let’s talk about the Mailroom Design Solutions
that work for your space!


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