Vital Valt offers Equipment Maintenance Service for filing, modular casework and storage systems. While some of the systems we implement require little to no service, there are systems with a cost of ownership requiring maintenance schedules.

Contact us to review your system to see how we can help keep it functional. We provide certified technicians to ensure that your equipment is working properly.

Vital Valt offers factory certified Storage Equipment Service technicians to service, maintain and relocate vertical carousels, vertical lift modules and horizontal carousels as well as high density mobile storage systems. Professional services can include basic service and maintenance from adjusting photo cell eyes, lubricating and tensioning the track and chain.

Vital Valt offers Equipment Maintenance Service to extend the life cycle of your equipment with regular maintenance best practices.

We identify commonly overlooked areas of maintenance and identify simple things you can do to greatly impact the long-term value of your most vital equipment. Even the most dependable systems requires basic attention to ensure it provides the exceptionally long service life and unmatched productivity of Vital Valt products.

Service Agreements & Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Over the years many customers are looking to protect their purchases in case of an issue. (i.e. copy machines) The service technician charges are expensive and add fees such as a travel fee to get to you in like the Greater Los Angeles region. So service agreements allow the servicing entity to come over when they are in the area and reduce both their cost and yours.

Maintenance Contracts are pretty much the same thing, however the dealer then provides maintenance and repair – rather than just reviewing the problem.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements should be purchased with large, more complicated electrical machines. These agreements cover a yearly cleaning &/or grease/lube to prevent the machine from wearing out too fast. But beware of dealers that are selling these agreements based on requiring them to maintain the warranty.

At Vital Valt – we allow each customer to decide if a Service Agreement works for them. You rarely see us offer an agreement for non electrical products. For example: in the late 80’s we saw dealers start offering contracts on high density systems with hand cranks. Those systems rarely broke down and really only needed someone to vacuum the tracks once in a while. Yet dealers charge large sums to do just that.

Large Carousels and lifts can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 per machine. We highly recommend contracts on those machines. If you didn’t keep them up and they go into a total failure the cost of replacement is too high.

Don’t pay for something you don’t need. Pick dealers with enough integrity to tell you the truth.










Do you have equipment that needs service?


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