Security is an important issue at any business where expensive equipment is used, or where products are stored. Wire Security Cages, doors, fences and partitions allow you to install secure areas quickly and easily. They offer versatile solutions that help save money and improve the safety of your workers.

Unlike permanent walls, cages, fences doors and partitions can be temporary. You can add more secure space or move it to another location as your business grows. Easily add onto your existing wire cages.

Wire security cages consist of multiple partitions to form a complete enclosure. They come in a range of standard sizes and heights, or they can be customized to fit your unique needs. A top to your Cage provides additional security and can be added to existing partitions without changing the layout. Ceiling panels are interchangeable with the wall panels and attach to the partition walls easily and securely.

Wire cages are used for several purposes in a warehouse facility for example, securing and protecting computerized systems, securing inventory, tool cribs and maintenance equipment. Wire cages are valuable for organizing items while also keeping them secure.


Secure Inventory

Wire security cages and partitions can be a viable way to add a layer of protection for many retail operations. They will limit unauthorized personnel from roaming your facility and protect your valuable inventory from accidentally “walking off.”

Wire Security Cages for inventory can be provided in a woven wire partition or welded partitions for heavy duty and medium duty application. Constructed with either 6 gauge or 10 gauge steel, woven & welded wire in square or diamond patterns provide rigidity, stability and strength. Secure and tamper resistant, these security cages are provided with locking doors for easy access to inventory. Add another layer of security to valuable inventory and equipment with a cage cover.

They can also be used for secure overnight or inventory storage. Cages can be built into a variety of configurations, fit with any space needed, and specified with locks ranging from padlocks to biometric locks.

Controlled Access Doors

Control access to distribution centers, warehouses and/or buildings by surrounding entry ways with wire access cages. This will protect non-employees, visitors, delivery people and truck drivers from entering facilities and/or high risk areas.

Driver cages have become ubiquitous in many dock facilities where there is a need to admit truck drivers to the building, but not the entire facility. The driver cage concept allows you to contain visitors who come into truck docks, making sure only those you authorize are permitted into the facility. Also, these cages can come equipped with service windows to provide guests a counter to sign and pick up paperwork limiting interaction with your employees.

Secure Pallet Racks

Pallet Rack Doors or Pallet Rack Enclosures provide essential safety for your pallet racks and shelving with a simple, yet durable design.

Existing facility pallet racks can be completely enclosed with standard wire mesh panels and doors to secure and control high value inventory. Modular sized wire mesh panels are quick to install and are inherently stronger than competing pallet rack enclosing systems.

Rack-mounted security cages are ideal for secure storage that uses the vertical cube. They can be fitted to most any size of teardrop racks and can have either sliding or swing gates to fit the situation. They are also used on the back of a pallet rack to help reduce product and pallet drops into work aisles, so they can add a dimension of safety to your facility.

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