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Vital Valt Secure Storage Solutions

Secure Storage Systems in the workplace comes in multiple forms with physical storage security, digital security and facility security. Vital Valt excels at implementing the types of security storage solutions as well as adding security to your existing storage system. Secure Storage Solutions may include a simple lock on your existing storage equipment, the construction of a security cage and/or securing your space or software to protect digital records from unauthorized eyes.

Key Benefits

  • Almost anything can be secured
  • Cages add security by enclosing spaces with high security wire mesh and security locks of your choice
  • Mobile Shelving Systems can be secured with a system lock, security doors or enclosed within a cages space

Lock Types for Secure Entry

Vital Valt Retina Eye Scan - Secure Storage Solutions
Vital Valt - High Density Lock
Vital Valt Card Swipe - Secure Storage solutions
Vital Valt Biometric Scan - Secure Storage Solutions
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