From small offices to large warehouses, our versatile, practical types of shelving & racking solutions will make more productive use of your valuable space.

We believe that the only good shelving and racking solution is a flexible solution.

Shelving Storage Systems should not be one-dimensional & our range of shelving solutions give you more space-maximizing options & the ability to make adjustments to accommodate different kinds of items. All of our types of shelving solutions are designed to boost your capacity, while maintaining innovative design features.

The hybrid four-post shelving system permits both full-depth & back-to-back shelving at once. This is great for efficiently storing both larger & smaller items within the same unit. This unique patented boltless shelving concept provides two alternatives:

1. SmartShelf® Shelving System with hooks requiring no tools for shelf adjustment – load capacity of up to 300 lbs. per shelf

2. SmartShelf® Shelving System with shelf support & reinforcements – load capacity of up to 500 lbs. per shelf.

L & T Shelving gets its name from its unique construction allowing endless expansion. Add sections to an existing installation by using “T” uprights as common center posts & finish with “L” uprights.

L & T Shelving Systems adjusts to keep up with changes in your organization’s storage & record keeping requirements. With a unique interlocking keyhole slot design, sway bars, nuts & bolts are eliminated for obstacle-free access to your stored items.

Wide Span Shelving includes four standard components with many other options available, shelving uprights, shelving beams, shelf supports and shelves.

Double rivet design and keyhole slots form a rigid framework. Combine heavy gauge steel posts, shelf supports and angle beams and you have a shelving system that easily stands up to any industrial application.

When integrating Modular Drawer Systems with other shelving the combination allows for drawers in a comfort zone and shelves above or below.

Modular Drawer shelving systems are available in fixed and mobile shelving solutions. Combining Modular Drawers with your shelving & racking solutions makes it possible to store 50% more small parts or media in the same space or the same amount in half the space.

Wire Shelving Systems are available in stationary and mobile, freestanding or wall mount, dry and wet environments, heavy duty back-of-house and visually appealing front end displays.

A variety of materials and finishes coupled with nearly a hundred specialized accessories allows these types of shelving to be customized to fit everyday needs and ensure greater efficiencies.

Archive Box Shelving stores critical records in both off site and on site storage locations for access to historical records.

Office workers, copiers & email, are producing over one million paper documents every minute in the United States alone. With information remaining critical, historical records need to be stored in the most effective and space efficient way possible.

Industrial Clip Shelving is the best choice for storing heavy, bulky items in factories or warehouses. Uprights are pre-welded for fast assembly and load capacities up to 10,000 pounds per upright.

These high performance shelves are available in eighteen different sizes, either 20 or 22 gauge steel, and can handle loads of up to 1,000 lbs. per shelf. Shelves attach with compression clips to any of three upright styles, making assembly & reconfiguration easy.

Aetnastak® Cantilever Shelving System is designed to adhere to your future storage requirements. It will easily lengthen, shorten, relocate or attach new & existing units – without the complications of added parts.

While Aetnastak® itself is designed as stationary shelving, it can be mounted on one of our mobile systems to get more out of your storage space.

With our Cabinet-Style Shelving, you can optimize space utilization and maximize storage capacity. This shelving & racking solution has the flexibility to mount onto mobile carriages, opening up further storage possibilities.

It is designed to be configured and reconfigured easily & efficiently without any tools & has interchangeable accessories that can be added such as drawers & shelves.

Hybria 4-Post Shelving allows enhanced filing & storage capacity, stylish features & distinctive functionality designed to suit a wide variety of storage applications.

Featuring our unique 4-post hybrid system, this shelving product combines the sleek appeal of our Aetnastak® shelving – designed to manage books of all shapes and sizes, with the practical efficiency of SmartShelf® shelving, capable of handling a broad array of storage objects.

Hybria Curve was designed to foster collaborative library & office spaces that encourage meeting & staff work areas.

Available in simple or double face shelving units, Hybria Curve expands the concept of library shelving mobility by supporting dynamic, multi-functional library spaces that easily transition as new needs arise.

Our HI-BAY Shelving System redefines space and cost efficiency to use on-site space for more valuable & profitable functions.

Mounted on mobile carriages, Hi-BAY Shelving will improve your workflow as well as your productivity. Stable, durable & flexible, our shelving system can be designed to reach up to 35 feet in height.

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