Mailroom Sort Modules - Document Storage

Sort Modules are essential for optimal workflow. Shelves, drawers, trays, doors and dividers are interchangeable that quickly adapt to fluctuating volumes and processing priorities, ensuring efficiency of critical document storage.

Our modular caseworks include a complete line of sort and freestanding sort modules with open and closed back sorters including plexiglass-backed. We offer zip code sorters, consoles, overhead units and credenzas.

Mail Room Sort Modules are unsurpassed for their durability, ease of use and easy-to-read full-width labeling. They are used in conjunction with console tables, which are manufactured to match the width of the sort modules to be placed on top of the tables. Mail Room Sort Modules can be wall-mounted and are also available in free-standing options. Available in a range of sizes and colors, including transparent, they are fully adjustable in our Modules in 1″ vertical increments. Sort Modules, available in standard heights up to 48″, are constructed of laminate covered wood in a range of standard or special finishes to match interior color schemes.

Uncompromising quality has earned Hamilton Casework Solutions its place as the leading manufacturer of furniture systems for mail centers and other active document areas.

Sort Modules organize and store a wide variety of items including:

  • Incoming Mail
  • Outgoing Mail
  • Inter-Department Mail
  • Blue Prints
  • Literature
  • Copy Activity
  • Recycling
  • Supplies
  • Faxes
  • Forms
  • Shredding
  • Shipping Supplies


Aluminum framed consoles are designed to support sort modules, platforms and mailing machines.

Aluminum Framed Consoles  are extremely rugged and can be used as the base of mail room stations or used as stand-alone tables without a sorter above.

We offer a complete and comprehensive line of standard products and can also modify standard pieces or build custom. We possess every capability to deliver the perfect fit for your project.

Choose from a variety of Freestanding Modules to create your perfect storage system.

Custom Mailroom Furniture can be as simple as a mail room console table with a mail room sorter on top or a fully configured system built to your space as some of our product pictures highlight.

Document Processing Casework combines the aesthetic of built-in millwork without the extended lead times and designer liability common with custom millwork applications.

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