Vital Valt recognizes that every client requirement is unique & can provide customized solutions to meet any need. We address contemporary issues as diverse as sustainability, infection control, noise and dust pollution, security, work flow and space optimization. We provide design services, compressed timelines and tax advantages. We anticipate your future concerns. The flexibility of our modular casework systems responds well to major changes in technology, personnel and purpose. Our lifetime warranty assures you of quality over the long-term.

We offer a complete and comprehensive line of standard modular casework for workplace but we do not stop there. We can also modify standard pieces or build custom. Although our products look like built-in furnishings, they are actually discreet modular pieces assembled to suit a specific need. We possess every capability to deliver the perfect fit for your project.

Returning to work?

Make sure your workspace is ready before you head back into the office. Learn about all of the solutions for returning to work post pandemic and how smart technology is your key to success.

Agile work environments improve efficiency and maximize office space. The concept allows people to freely move around the office instead of staying anchored to their specific area. Agile workplaces enhance creativity by introducing endless workspace configurations. For example, a conference room is no longer the only place to collaborate. With modular casework for  workplace, a wide variety of areas can be used for collaborating. Employees can work in a breakout space, split up into teams that work over a bench-style workspace, and so on. Work follows people – so any configuration can be an optimal workspace.

Casework Storage - Movable White Board
Modular White Board for Small Meeting Areas & Classrooms

Utilize space with a modular white board that can roll in front of your storage. Great for classrooms, meeting spaces and offices!

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