Vital Valt provides MILCON Storage Systems for Division 10 MILCON projects including wire mesh partitions, high density shelving, lockers and weapon racks.

Design build projects include fixed furnishings as part of the Structural Interior Design and funded as part of the construction contract and movable furnishings as part of the Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) funded separately as part of collateral equipment.

Working directly with architects, design firms including interior designers, NAVFAC, Army Corps of Engineers, Air Force Material Command, and end users, Vital Valt builds budget pricing and competitive bids for MILCON projects featuring the following products.

MILCON Storage systems require a supplier with knowledge of military how-to, base regulations, insurance requirements, project management, Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) plans, safety and Injury & Illness Protection Plans (IIPP),  and most importantly government red tape. Vital Valt provides sustainable green building storage products that contribute to LEED certified Green Building Ratings on MILCON projects. Recyclable steel content is provided for help with LEED certification.

We have diverse experience working on federal installations across Southern California outside CONUS. Our certified installation teams provide field general workmanship and professionalism including daily safety meetings and reports, certified payroll and expert level assembly skills.

Vital Valt also features project managers whose sole job it is to best configure your MILCON Storage Systems to your requirements using our array of products listed below.

MILCON Storage Systems - GSA Contracts


  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Fair and Reasonable Pricing
  • Faster Order Placement
  • Full Product and Broad Service Offerings

Combat Weapon Storage Systems - MILCON Storage Sytems


Montel GSA Contract Pricing


Hamilton Casework Solutions GSA Contract Pricing


MILCON Storage Systems - Wire Mesh and Welded Cages

Hanel GSA Contract Pricing


MILCON Storage Systems - Modular Drawers and Workbenches

Our GSA specialist will assist you with anything you need.

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