Our Metal Wire Shelving is versatile enough to be used in commercial, industrial, and residential settings without fear of rust, damage, or product loss. It offers reliability and flexibility to help you configure storage solutions in your space. They provide great ventilation and corrosion resistance, making them the choice for use in refrigeration units, shops, and storage areas.

Metal Wire Shelving reduces dust build-up, allows free light and air circulation, increases sprinkler effectiveness, and improves visibility. It is fast and easy to install with no special tools required. It can be safely secured to mobile carriages to create a mobile configuration or stand alone as static shelving. With storage capacities of 600-800 lb. per shelf, wire shelving can help organize any storage area.

A variety of materials and finishes coupled with nearly a hundred specialized accessories allows customized units to fit everyday needs and ensure greater efficiencies.

Metal Wire Shelving – Features & Benefits

  • Wire shelves are available in a number of finishes, each of them designed to provide additional durability and rust resistance to keep your shelves and the items they hold safe.
  • Flow-through ventilation and corrosion resistance.
  • Can generally facilitate between 600 and 800 pounds – these capacities vary upon shelf width, depth and loading patterns.
  • Lightweight and can be placed on casters for easy transport.
  • Versatile, Low-Maintenance & Easy to Assemble.

Our experienced Sales Team and CAD Design department can create a
custom layout targeting your specific needs with a comprehensive quote
for the shelving system to suit your business.

For More Information:
P: 800-699-1191
E: info@vitalvalt.com

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