Hybria Shelving Systems allows enhanced filing & storage capacity, trendy stylish features, and distinctive functionality designed for stationary and mobile configurations to suit various storage applications.

Designed to boost your capacity, it incorporates our unique four-post hybrid concept, to address specific storage circumstances. Hybria Shelving Systems combines the sleek appeal of our Aetnastak® Cantilever shelving for libraries, which is expertly designed to manage books of all shapes and sizes, with the practical efficiency of SmartShelf® shelving, capable of handling a broad array of storage objects.

When it comes to storage that unites elegance and efficiency, Hybria Shelving offers you the best of both worlds.


  • 32-inch (81 cm) full-depth shelves, 16-inch (40.5 cm) back-to-back shelves with a central divider or a personalized combination of both.
  • Shelving can be used for boxes, files, videotapes, cd’s, dvd’s, binders, library books, and laptop storage. And in some cases, you can even add doors.
  • Various adjustable shelves, bases and accessories such as perforated canopy tops and overhead lighting.
  • Versatility: it can be mounted on mobile carriages to further grow your capacity.
  • An elegant option for your library, your business or your home.


Hybria Curve was designed to foster collaborative library and office spaces that encourage meeting and staff work areas. Available in simple or double face shelving units, Hybria Curve expands the concept of library shelving mobility by supporting dynamic, multi-functional library spaces that easily transition as new needs arise. For today’s library space planning, Hybria Curve incorporates flexibility and adaptability.

Inspired by contemporary European design, Hybria Curve 4-post hybrid shelving is a smart two-for-one storage option. This system makes it possible to employ the advantages of the four-post hybrid system with a more attractive look. Now you don’t have to keep it out of sight in a warehouse or basement. It is a stylish solution for your library or business.

Let’s talk about the perfect Shelving System for your space!


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