Besides looking after your immediate shelving needs, Aetnastak® Cantilever Shelving is also an inspired choice for your future storage requirements. It’s no trouble at all to lengthen, shorten, relocate, or attach existing units—all without the complications of added parts. Transform shelves from single-faced to double-faced (or vice versa) as the situation demands by adding or removing shelves on one side. While Aetnastak is designed as stationary shelving, it can be mounted on one of our mobile systems to get more out of your storage space.

Whatever configuration you use, you can count on their sturdy support. The rock-solid welded frames are built for lasting strength and rigidity. Aetnastak® Cantilever Shelving surpasses industry standards, giving you all the capacity you could ask for.

Optimize the storage of all your resources, from administrative documents in your office to the books and periodicals in your library, with our high-density mobile or static shelving solutions. With a variety of unique safety and security features, you can also control access to all your stored items. Installed on a high-density powered mobile system, you can leverage your space even further.


  • Optimize space utilization and maximize storage capacity.
  • Safety and reliability; because of its strength (shelf edges have a fourth bend at the front and the back) and its welded frame construction for added rigidity, designed to meet seismic requirements.
  • Flexibility; it offers a wide range of accessories and practical features.
  • Aesthetics; an easy and pleasing design integration with various colors of powdered coat finishes and various materials for its end panels.

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