Keep devices charged, secured and managed with our Hive Cabinets.

Hive Cabinets securely store and charge laptops, PDAs, cell phones, tablets, radios, cameras, tasers, hand-helds and more. With power available to charge multimedia devices and a roll-out work-shelf, these fully welded cabinets offer the perfect solution for secure charging storage. Also an ideal solution for charging multiple laptops in one convenient area – our cabinets feature perforated doors which allow heat to dissipate, providing a safe environment. Safeguard and manage all electronic mobile assets with our RFID Asset Tracking Software. Our cloud-based asset management software allows you to access, view and manage usage activity.

Available in a range of sizes with varying capacities, our Hive Cabinets are capable of securely charging multiple devices concurrently. Designed to help users of equipment centrally manage, charge, & secure their high value portable assets.

Protect your technology & intellectual property with our durable & secure charging cabinets.

What to Charge in Hive Cabinets?

  • Laptops
  • PDAs
  • Cell Phones
  • Tablets
  • Radios
  • Cameras
  • Body Cameras
  • Tasers
  • Hand-Helds
  • & More…

Hive Cabinet Features

Hive Cabinet Benefits

● Fully welded construction.

● Quick release door swing handle with options for enhanced security.

● Inset shatterproof acrylic window. (on some models)

● Removable rear panel for access with internal lock.

● Removable side panel with cam lock & key.

● Vertical cable containment tray fitted inside at the rear.

● Rear mounted power bar for better power cable management.

● PSUs consolidated and secured within chassis at rear of shelves.

● Telescopic vented drawers with dividers for increased airflow.

● Anti roll-back shelf design for ease of use.

● Integral LED light strip for increased visibility.

● 2 x Recessed locking & non-locking heavy duty castors to remove trip hazard.

● 240V 16A IEC C19 connector to allow worldwide compatibility.

● Inset mains connector to rear allows cabinet to sit flush to wall.

● Locking mains lead to prevent accidental removal.

● Fully customizable to suit a range of devices and associated charging cradles.

● Custom color finishes and branding available.

● Control who has access to devices, when and for how long.

● Align with loss prevention strategies.

● Provides audit trail of sign-in/sign-out activity or chain of custody.

● Can be retro-fitted or installed up front.

● Manage access to devices remotely or via swipe, pin or biometric readers locally.

● Available as standalone or can be centrally managed across multiple locations.

● Cost effective and available from stock or against short lead time.

* Some models do not have all these features &/or benefits. Contact us with any questions.

Need Charging Storage? We can custom design anything you need.


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