Case Study - Mailroom and Shipping Storage Solutions - Vital Valt

CASE STUDY: Writers Guild of America West

Optimize Small Rooms for Maximum Storage and Workflow Efficiency

Job: Mailroom and Shipping Storage Solutions

Room Dimensions:  (W) 5’ft 7”in   |   (L) 24’ft

PROBLEM / NEEDS: Like most business offices, in order to ship-out parcels & boxes there is a need to store an abundance of shipping materials, such as boxes & labels. These items can take over shelving & create disorder and clutter. The Writers Guild of America West had (2) walls of shelving and haphazard boxes of shipping labels (Image A).

SOLUTION: Vital Valt designed a self-service shipping area with Hamilton Caseworks modules – custom designed for each size box & label. Utilizing the dimensions of the space, Vital Valt was able to reduce clutter, increase storage and create space for ALL items (Image B).


  • Drop Boxes for (4) functions with security
  • A Work Counter
  • Plexiglass Dividers to organize envelopes
  • Solid Partitions to divide all the shipping boxes by size & shipper
  • Shelves for toner & label storage


Case Study - Shipping Storage Solutions - Vital Valt
Case Study - Mailroom Storage Solutions - Vital Valt
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