Legal Storage Solutions: When Information Organization is Essential

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Legal Storage Solutions: When Information Organization is Essential Vital Valt is a leader in all kinds of storage solutions designed to save space, look great and keep you organized! Law firms have the day to day challenge of gearing up for court, briefings and meetings in-house. Central to attorney’s success is the ability to locate the right file exactly when they need it. File storage for law firms can encompass a simple fixed shelving system or a high density shelving system for larger firms. Finding files and finding them when you need them is vital to the success of attorney’s...
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CASE STUDY: Writers Guild of America West

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CASE STUDY: Writers Guild of America West Optimize Small Rooms for Maximum Storage and Workflow Efficiency Job: Mailroom and Shipping Storage Solutions Room Dimensions:  (W) 5'ft 7”in   |   (L) 24'ft PROBLEM / NEEDS: Like most business offices, in order to ship-out parcels & boxes there is a need to store an abundance of shipping materials, such as boxes & labels. These items can take over shelving & create disorder and clutter. The Writers Guild of America West had (2) walls of shelving and haphazard boxes of shipping labels (Image A). SOLUTION: Vital Valt designed a self-service shipping area with Hamilton...
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Multi-Media Storage Systems

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Multi-Media Storage Systems provide the ability to store multiple types of media in easily accessible, organized archives. VitalValt has designed several of the largest Movie Studios & Post Production Vaults in Southern California. We have designed many custom storage solutions and media centers because we understand the special attention your media requires. Let VitalValt take the guesswork out of your media storage solutions. Incorporate a high-density storage system that will increase capacity by over 50% Take low cost off-site warehouse space while keeping square footage cost down Utilize high-to-low accessibility storage methods to double capacity for less money Use your...
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High Density Shelving for Athletic Departments

Athletic Equipment Storage Southern California

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Athletic Departments at Universities, High Schools and also for Professional Sporting teams must store equipment broken out and also boxed with various shapes and sizes including helmets & shoulder pads for football, jersey’s, shoes & socks for all teams, baseball gloves, bats and helmets. Mobile Storage Systems with locking doors help secure a wide variety of athletic gear securely. Pictured below is a recent Southern California Athletic Equipment Storage installation. Secure Athletic Equipment Storage Southern California With the high cost of athletic gear, Secure Storage Solutions are a must to provide secure storage protecting valuables. Securing sections of shelving with…

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Why Do Restaurants Use Stainless Steel Shelving?

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Stainless steel has been widely used for production of cutlery for decades. It is made of iron with minimum 10.5% chromium. Other elements can also be added to affect the properties of steel. Commonly used metal ones are nickel, molybdenum, titanium and copper. Non-metals, such as carbon and nitrogen are also often added. Main characteristic of stainless steel is corrosion-resistance and that is why it has found applications in the food industry, including restaurants and kitchens. Let’s see why many opt for stainless steel shelving. Stainless steel shelving is hygienic Stainless steel has numerous advantages over other materials. It has…

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