Shelving Storage Systems offer a wide variety of storage whether you are storing file folders, archive boxes, bin boxes for parts, modular drawers, tool & dies, and many other applications. Below you will find different shelving storage systems Vital Valt offers to help meet all storage applications.

Shelving Storage Systems

Stationary storage shelving systems can easily be reconfigured and installed on top of mobile carriages for compact shelving storage requirements.

For true fixed or stationary shelving storage systems, shelving is comprised of starter and adder units that are configured using standard widths, depths and heights. Your room dimensions and storage requirements will dictate how much shelving is needed to fulfill your needs.

Common Shelving Storage System Applications:

  • L & T Shelving – file folders, binders, boxes, ammunition, evidence, wardrobe, athletics storage
  • Wide Span Shelving – boxes, tools & die, museums,
  • Modular Drawer Shelving – automotive storage, small parts, benchstock
  • Wire Shelving – bio-medical, food industry, airflow requirements
  • Archive Box Shelving – storage boxes
  • Clip Shelving – heavy duty industrial items
Industrial Clip Shelving

Industrial Clip Shelving

Die Rack Shelving, Wide Span Shelving

Wide Span Shelving

Automotive Parts Storage Cabinets, Modular Drawer Shelving

Modular Drawer Shelving

Wire Shelving Systems, Wire Healthcare Rolling Shelving

Wire Shelving

Archive Box Shelving, Long Span Box Shelving

Archive Box Shelving

L & T Shelving, Four Post Shelving

L & T Shelving