Optimize your space, improve your production efficiency & consistency and preserve your cultivated products longer, with one of our customizable Vertical Grow Systems.

Scalable and expandable, as well as designed to support heavy loads, they will accommodate all the components required for your vertical farming production and its growth. With our cannabis grow systems, you can maximize the square footage of your space gradually. Start with a single-tier system, and later add a second and a third tier or more, to follow your production’s expansion in a multi-level controlled environment. Our systems will adapt to your needs in an ergonomic and safe fashion, with best-in-class industrial grade safeties that combines growers safety and production facilities security, with aisle intrusion notifications and much more.

Our mobile grow racks, mobile vertical grow shelving, mobile benches, drying racks, grow carts and other indoor farming solutions are specifically developed for your environment to quickly increase your income while respecting the demanding standards of your market. More grow area, improved accessibility, upgradeable to multiple tiers and optimized safety – that’s what our vertical grow systems are all about!


  • Plants & Flowers
  • Vegetables
  • Cannabis & Marijuana
  • Indica, Sativa & Hybrids Hemp
  • Strains
  • Lighting & Reflectors
  • Irrigation & Fertigation Parts
  • Ventilation Systems


  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Universities
  • Cannabis Farms
  • Vegetation Rooms
  • Research Facilities
  • Indoor Farming Companies
  • Horticulture / Floriculture
  • Agriculture Facilities


  • Installations provide tons of holding power, which can carry more plants but also water reservoirs, fuse boxes, fans, hoses and other equipment
  • Mechanical-assist or powered mobile cultivation systems, with best-in-class safety solutions, allow workers to safely move one bench or multiple benches in unison
  • Indoor Vertical Growing and Farming Systems will maximize crop yield & production
  • Our mobile horticulture benches increase your grow area and provide good airflow, light and canopy growth. Workers can also securely and easily access plants, for better maintenance & care
  • Our mobile bench solutions are upgradeable to multiple levels & allow flexible growing strategies while increasing your return on investment

Increase your production area and optimize the working space between your benches. Our precisely engineered single-tier & double-tier mobile benches provide a better work environment because of their unique accessibility, safety & ergonomic qualities. Robust systems can bear the weight of multiple levels, making possible to expand later as your market grows. Build in phases and take full advantage of your vertical space.

Our high-density vertical grow rack systems that will address all of your grow operation priorities: save energy, optimize space, maximize vertical growing, maximize profits & improve security. Retain your capital investment and allow flexible growing strategy with our upgradable high-density multi-tier mobile grow racks system. These compact systems will provide you with maximum space utility and effortless operation.

Our vertical grow high-density shelving systems will allow you to grow more and use less space and water. Designed for indoor vertical farming applications, our systems are stable and easily configurable to optimize the costly footprint of your growing facility. With a wide range of sizes, capacities and accessories, you can customize your system to your crops requirements. Save energy, optimize space, improve security and maximize profits.

Save space, insure safety for your growers and facilitate even drying of your indoor crops with good airflow. See how you can effectively dry your carefully harvested cannabis buds and branches with our pull-out drying racks. Maximize your footprint and create an efficient and controlled environment in your space. With our high-density modular pull-out drying racks, control heat and humidity and decrease the chances of mold, mildew and disease.

Make more productive use of your grow space with our comprehensive line of carts. Whether for transporting plants or holding tools and equipment, our carts offer mobility, durability, and flexibility. We understand growers need to take advantage of every inch of available cultivation capacity in their facility. Stationary benches are heavy and difficult to clean around. Our grow carts are mobile and help to simplify the maintenance and sanitizing process. They provide enhanced functionality, effective mobility and sturdiness to the different environments in your grow facility.


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