Over the years of designing storage applications for a broad range of markets including agriculture, Montel has developed a full line of high-density vertical grow rack systems that will address your grow operation priorities:

  • save energy
  • optimize space
  • maximize vertical growing
  • maximize profits
  • improve security

Our vertical growing solutions will provide for a more organized facility that will increase workflow, production, and profits.


Grow up! Our compact high-density multi-tier mobile grow rack systems will give you full control over your environment plant quality and production efficiency. Discover how our systems can provide secure, healthy and cost-effective year-round production.

Retain your capital investment and allow flexible growing strategy with our upgradable high-density multi-tier mobile grow racks system. These compact systems will provide you with maximum space utility and effortless operation.

Offer optimal ventilation for your crops and get a healthy harvest! Optimize your mobile system with automated aisles and automated ventilation mode. Program your system to track traffic in your aisles, and program your aisles to open and close for customized ventilation cycles. You can even remotely control and monitor your systems.


  • Save up to 50% of your floor space and accommodate growth per cubic foot for other uses, with minimal wattage
  • Robust systems can bear the weight of multiple tiers, making possible to expand later as your market grows. Build in phases and take full advantage of your vertical space
  • Space between benches optimizes airflow and lighting
  • Mechanical-assist or powered mobile cultivation systems, with best-in-class safety solutions, allow workers to safely move one bench or multiple benches in unison


Mobile Cultivation Systems Table Chart


Lateral Track Mobile Shelving

Lateral Track Mobile Shelving

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