Vital Valt provides a vast selection of  versatile Modular Storage Solutions. These systems of shelves, cabinets, doors, drawers and bins that can be reconfigured and repurposed at any time.

Our selection of products, dimensions, doors, handles, slides, locks and finishes make it easy to create a system that meets the functional and aesthetic needs of your workspace. The modular components have the appearance of built-in furnishings but unlike traditional millwork, these components can be reconfigured and repurposed as needs change.


Modular Casework is classified as furniture and depreciates on a seven year schedule (as opposed to millwork, which is classified as permanent construction and requires 39 years to depreciate.)

We offer a wide selection of Base Cabinets, Wall Cabinets, Corner Cabinets & Storage Cabinets.

Choose standard or custom doors, shelves, drawers, vertical slots, wheels & sorters.

With multiple finishing choices, this utilitarian work horse can be dressed up to match many interiors.

We have made creative use of consoles in additional applications where their durability and load-carrying capabilities are clear advantages.

Our lockers can be outfitted with right or left swinging doors and key locks, pad locks or digital locks.

They can be finished to match corporate or school colors.

They can be sized precisely to fit particular items or paired with base cabinets with drawers.

Our casegoods include a complete line of sort and freestanding sort modules with open and closed back sorters including plexiglass-backed.

We offer zip code sorters, consoles, overhead units and credenzas.

Our Work Stations occupy a place of prominence in the office, medical facility, educational institution or anywhere needed.

These systems meet superior functional and design requirements to maximize your space.

Let’s talk about the Modular Storage Solutions that work for you!


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