We have decades of experience delivering modular casework for schools, labs, classroom cabinets, lockers and mailrooms to schools and universities.

We have extensive experience helping to design and create custom and complex laboratory solutions. Our experience has shown that labs are critical not only to the educational process, but also to the recruitment and retention of staff.

The campus today is a very different place than even a few months ago. We provide Smart Lockers & RFID Networked Lockers that open up a whole new world for personal storage on a campus. Open all doors at once through software, provide rental lockers throughout campus, integrate with student ID cards (and mobile credentials) and provide access to lockers for visitors, contractors and faculty.

Lockers have a significant positive impact on your mail and package delivery operations – saving time, money and resources while increasing student satisfaction. Many Colleges and Universities are using smart lockers for more than just package delivery – Library Smart Lockers and other exchange of goods applications are being implemented.

Utilizing the most contemporary materials available on the market, we can produce a research and learning environment that is tailored to your needs. Modular casework for schools can be repurposed and reconfigured. Should your needs change in the future, either purchase new pieces or swap with another classroom to change the configuration.

We can even match your interiors with your schools colors!

Apply our Casework Solutions in spaces such as:

  • Laboratories
  • Locker Rooms
  • Mail Centers
  • Common Areas
  • Reception Stations
  • Work Rooms/Copy Rooms
  • Meeting Areas

Let’s talk about the Modular Casework System that works for you!

For More Information:
P: 800-699-1191
E: info@vitalvalt.com

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