Vital Valt offers a wide range of healthcare storage solutions including medical storage cabinets, high density mobile storage systems, vertical lift modules and carousel systems. For storing and handling sterile materials, our systems offer various storage configurations and accessories for safe and easy-to-access storage. Locking systems are also available for added security and safety. Slide-out shelves allow easy access to equipment and limit the risk of injury.

Institutions such as health care organizations, pharmaceutical companies, scientific groups, and research facilities are likely regulated by the FDA, because they produce and sell items that can are obviously categorized as drugs, medical/surgical devices, or diagnostic tools. Some of these products need to be kept at a specific temperature, labeled discreetly for security reasons, or kept perfectly sterile (free from bacteria).

Our storage solutions can be perfectly configured and adapted to the sterilized processing department, central supply room, biomedical department or sterilization department.

Storage Carousels and Lift Modules are an effective, space-saving storage concept that can be added into low-particle clean-rooms. High Density Mobile Storage Systems can provide flexible storage that complies with unique requirements.


  • Temperature-controlled storage even in the clean-room
  • Simple operation
  • Fast retrieval 
  • All parts are protected and stored according to defined clean-room guidelines
  • High economic efficiency and cost savings
  • Maximum flexibility since there are no structural limitations
  • Ideal for contamination-sensitive products
  • Clean-room class 5 compliant with DIN EN ISO 14644-1
  • Filter class HEPA H14
  • Recording of measured values with data loggers optional

We offer a high quality, high-tech warehouse storage system with readily available materials which reduces work time, warehouse space and cost which provides a problem free work environment. Our systems utilizes the available ceiling height to store parts on a height optimized basis avoiding wasted space.

This means maximum storage capacity on a minimal footprint.

Our experienced Sales Team & CAD Design Department
can create a custom layout with a comprehensive quote
for the storage solution to suit your specific needs!


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