Ensure & maintain chain of custody by trusting our customizable and secure Evidence Storage Lockers. Each unit can be configured differently with various size compartments & are also available with a refrigerator insert. These lockers can store digital evidence, forensic evidence, biologic evidence & other evidentiary items.

The storage area is the physical embodiment of chain of custody functionality. We provide storage solutions that will best outfit, organize & secure your evidence, making sure to capitalize on your available space.

Our evidence storage lockers can be used in areas of police evidence transfer, forensic storage, crime scene investigations, postal service and much more!


We offer secure evidence lockers in a variety of options and configurations, including pass-through evidence lockers, non-pass-through evidence lockers, evidence lockers with keyless access, and electronic evidence lockers with monitoring software. Our secure evidence lockers can also be fitted with a secure drop slot, which allows officers to save space by dropping multiple packets of small evidence into one evidence locker.

Pass-Thru Secure Evidence Lockers

Built into the wall to allow evidence to be deposited from one side & retrieved from another. Rear door allows evidence to be removed & locker openings reset

Non-Pass-Thru Secure Evidence Lockers

Evidence is both deposited & retrieved from the same side. These systems have the option to be converted into a pass-thru configuration at a later date.


Storage of evidence from the time collected to reception by authorized personnel.

Short-Term Evidence Storage refers to any location that can hold evidence for up to 72 hours.

Long-Term Evidence Storage refers to a location that is designated to secure evidence until the items are diverted, sold, released or destroyed. We recommend that long-term storage refer to any location where evidence may be stored for more than 72 hours.

Whether you require secure evidence lockers for temporary storage or high density mobile system for long-term evidence storage, Vital Valt will find a solution for you.

Short Term Evidence Storage

Quick & easy access to drop-off & pick-up evidence items by authorized personnel. Storage Solutions that enable evidence to be stored safely & securely with minimal handling.

Long Term Evidence Storage

Securely store large, medium & small items with the option to easily adjust & expand over time. We provide configurable storage solutions that prevent evidence from being mismanaged, mishandled &/or lost.


Maximize off-site evidence storage capacity with a high density mobile system. Whether large or small, your forensic, legal & scientific evidence will be securely & properly stored according to their nature.

Ideal for long-term or bulk evidence storage, our compact high-density mobile storage systems can be customized with various options such as lockable cabinets, remote monitoring or PIN control pads.

From controlled-environments to warehouses, our flexible products are specially designed to accommodate your department’s needs, process, regulations and space. With our storage solutions protect, organize and preserve your evidence and maintain a solid evidentiary chain of custody.

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