Vertical Automated Storage

Use available room height to maximize storage potential.

Vertical Storage Systems take advantage of height-optimized positions so that no space is lost. This produces maximum storage capacity on a minimal footprint. Save cost and help utilize the area dedicated to storage more economically.

Vertical Storage Systems are designed for almost anything. Enter in your search item and let the machine bring it to you. This reduces errors, increases productivity and reduces floor space over traditional shelving storage.

  • Increase your storage area by 60%
  • Lock-up sensitive items and use biometrics for security
  • Protect your valuable stored items inside a machine
  • Add FIFO or LIFO inventory controls and let the software do your audits
  • Get a free survey of your area and learn about ROI
  • Available in Lifts or Carousels


Have tall ceilings? Consider getting more storage out of your space.


Surgery Material Management controls products and avoids contamination.


Can’t hack manual storage? Get control of your valuables today.

For More Information:
P: 800-699-1191

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