Our Spider Shelving System is designed for intensive use.

Easy to install and with a wide range of configurations and accessories available, they are the ideal solution to meet your company’s storage challenges. From shelving and mini-racking, to drawers in shelving and mezzanines, we offer complete systems to maximize organization and improve productivity.

Sturdy construction and quick assembly, the spider shelving system meets all of your storage needs. With its vast range of accessories, it offers the most diverse options on the market, making finding solutions for all your storage problems as easy as 1, 2, 3.

The combination of shelving and mini-racking opens up a whole new avenue of possibilities. Adding modular drawers guarantees the secure organization of all your small parts. Vertical expansion is also a possibility thanks to our multi-level shelving system.

Designed for demanding use, our spider shelving system will maximize the space in your warehouse, parts department, maintenance workshop, distribution center, etc.

Our expertise ensures you peace of mind for all of your storage needs, present and future.


  • Assembly is simple. Spider Shelving Systems are installed on the posts using 4 compression clips, in 14 gauge steel. This makes for easy and fast adjustments.
  • Mini-Racking integrated into your shelving optimizes your storage possibilities.
  • A unique and super functional post. Its unique T-shape offers up to (7) fixing zones for different applications.
  • The steel beams are designed for several types of decking – wood, steel and wire.
  • Each component of a spider shelving system is designed to offer you an easy-to-use product.

Let’s talk about the perfect Shelving System for your space!


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